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Questions about anything are offlimits for Sarah Palin

Posted on | September 9, 2008 | No Comments

Questions about anything are offlimits for Sarah Palin

The Republican Party is trying to shield La Sarah from questioning by reporters, although they’ve agreed to a carefully controlled interview with Charlie Gibson of ABC. Her religious views may or may not be addressed, but let’s lay them out in the open. She’s a Holy Roller. Nope, her pastor says he’s never seen her speaking in tongues, but that’s not the issue, the issue is that she believes that these people rolling around the floor speaking nonsense syllables are spiritually in contact with the Deity at the time. Is her church Dominionist? The Assemblies of God have some very odd congregations under their umbrella, and Dominionism happens to be high on the list. What is Dominionism, you might ask? That’s the belief that we must hasten the second coming of Jesus by supporting Israel and building a new temple in Jerusalem. What’s the problem with that? I’m glad you asked. The Temple has to be built on the same spot the OLD Temple had been built upon. At the moment, there happens to be a mosque there, the Dome of the Rock, whence Mohammed ascended into heaven, one of the holiest places in Islam. Arabs get mad if you just want to do an archaelogical dig there. What do you think would happen if someone drove up with a wrecking ball? Yep, and that is the war the Dominionists want so that Jesus will come and rapture all the good people up into heaven.

I want to know if Sarah Palin has Dominionist beliefs. If she does, she is not just unprepared to take over the Presidency, she would be one of the worst people to do it.


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