An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

Best of Page 2

This is where you’ll find the “Best Of Hail Dubyus!” from year’s past. I’m putting this page up to save people the effort of having to click through all my cartoons to find pearls instead of the swine. I’ll be putting here thumbnails of both my most popular cartoons and those cartoons which I’m really proud of, artistically, humorously or ZING-tastically 🙂



The Confirmation Minuet EYES OF THE NEOCONS The Screw-the-Old-Farts Pricing Badumbump! Global Warming? Wuzzat?
Dub-Dub-Dubya-Dubai! Paying close attention Let's let this be our little secret Bombombomb Bom-Bomb Iran Turning another corner
MWA-HAHAHA Everything sounds better with "of Doom" in it Anyone for Cappuccino? Taking out the editor, Western-style Not ME!
Soylent Green IS PEOPLE Get Out Your 3-D Glasses You're getting too old for this too Mel Snow White and the SCOTUS Swordfish
CUT! SUPER Genius! Little Bo Peep? Lone Stranger Redux Flash Bushie conquers the universe!
Being Dead has its advantages You bring it home, you take care of it Bye Bye Rummy What glamour! Santa Baby
The Great Blank Hope What's in YOUR subway? I can take that trip to Europe But I'm Not Evil ... oh yes, you are We have you now, wallabies
But I liked this TV Subpoenas! Shaken, not stirred Itchy Trigger Finger Puh Puh Pi-Tuh!
I'm getting too old for this Tastes like chicken I can't recall can't be called perjury A kiss is just a kiss Americans just not sacrificing enough
I love Paris in the springtime And now, children, this is how you sacrifice yourself for Allah Won't somebody take me home? We didn't cave until they actually said no. A mission from God
Tarzan and Cheetah I want iPhone! Nixon spins in his grave IA! Shub-Niggurath! I thought we'd finished with that months ago
Spoiler :D Fission! Fresh Fission Friendly fire? And that tightly grouped... Thank God, A Republican Had Illicit Sex ... with a Woman! BATTLE STATIONS!
You Got Him, Mangler Just doing my prostate cancer prevention exercises, mah Do Not Forsake Me, Oh, My Darling... Best of Both Worlds--art and prurience--how commercial You Gotta Play To Win
You tell him, girl And now, let's cut Veteran's Benefits some MORE The Grand Klaxon explains Obama's shortcomings Torture is such an ugly word, Mr. Bond The Newest Summer Vacation Spot
The perfect experience for following the Bush Presidency Whiners ... We'll Shoot Your Dog I couldn't fit in Rocky and Bullwinkle He's reaching terminal velocity now...
King Kong Redux Brother, can you spare $100,000,000,000? This will haunt me every time I look at my bank book I can't Wait to be an Urban Terrorist Bret and Bart discuss McCain's misappropriation of their name.
Cheney attempts to teach Bush how to forgive himself...

An homage to Ed Wood's masterpiece (KOFF KOFF)