An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

Wow, Nice Tight Pattern…Too Bad He Couldn’t See WHO He Was Shooting


AP: New details on Tillman’s death

(AP) General faces demotion in Tillman case

Three bullets in a tight pattern on the forehead? Sounds like a sharpshooter did it. Now why would a sharpshooter target Tillman? Someone really hated his guts? Or was he our official sacrificial lamb, the one who gave up everything for his country? I’m sure someone will be blamed. What? you think I’m crazy for thinking this might have been staged? Just remember, Jessica Lynch never remembered being raped, her Iraqi doctors said she’d never been raped…her AMERICAN doctors, after the dramatic rescue that, ummm, wasn’t really necessary, told her she had been…hmmmmmmmm.