An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

A Sane Man Would Be Headed To The Storm Cellar By Now


(AP) Auditors: Billions wasted in Iraq war

(MSNBC) Is Obama sorry or right about “wasted lives”?

Depends on who wasted the life–I’d say that the servicemen did not waste their lives. They sacrificed them for their country. I’d also say that the pigs at the trough who concocted this war for gain, power and vainglory, who told the lies that plunged us into it, THEY were the ones who wasted the lives of our servicemen. Just look at the latest headlines, 10 billion wasted by contractor overcharges, payouts for no goods or work, the biggest offender being, who else, HALLIBURTON? Doesn’t anybody get a receipt anymore? This war was fought for oil and corporate profits, no ifs ands or buts. And we’re the ones, and especially, the servicemen who died or suffered terrible injury, are the ones paying for it.

In keeping with our schedule, we’ll be taking off for President’s Day on Monday and will post again on Wednesday…And in the words of television newsmen everywhere: And to our Chinese friends, Gung hei fat choy…peace and prosperity in the year of the … errrr pig. (And oh, yes, the year of the pig is supposed to be a disaster this time around.)