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Henry Kissinger: Last Turkey In The Shop?


(AP) Kissinger: Iraq military win impossible

(Reuters) Kissinger says U.S. victory in Iraq is impossible

(AFP) Kissinger calls for international conference on Iraq

Gee, I didn’t know Henry Kissinger had become a Democrat 😀 Oh, wait a moment, maybe being a realist is fashionable for Republicans nowadays? In any case, “military” victory was always impossible in Iraq, because Democracy can’t be imposed at gunpoint. Overthrowing Saddam Hussein–THAT was accomplishable. After that? The military should have stayed available for no more than a year while the IRAQIS THEMSELVES organized a government to which we should have THROWN MONEY. But, BushCo had to impose a constitution that made no sense and while we did throw money, we didn’t give it to the Iraqis but to American companies who squandered it. We can still throw money at the problem–we have an obligation to. But we can’t impose our will on them. We were supposed to liberate them, not conquer them. But conquer is how our leaders handled it.

But what the heck, it’s Thanksgiving. Fred’n’Bert have been gathering chestnuts for the last two weeks for the stuffing and we intend to have a good weekend. See You on Monday.