An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

Instead Of Delivering The Coup De Grace To The Insurgency, We’ve Decided To Deliver The Coupe De Ville Instead


(AP) Bush keeps revising war justification

WMDs? Never existed. Bring the joys of Democracy? Fainter and fainter hope. Stabilize the Mideast? Hooboy! Now we’re back to Good and Eeeeeevil, but hell George, y’all’ve already killed more than Saddam and he had 20 years to do it in…

In the meantime, our Google Image Search results are still screwed up. China still gets our search results and we still get China’s. The longer it stays like this, the more we’re convinced there’s a renegade employee at Google (or a hacker) who’s instituting his or her own censorship program. Since he or she (it?) considers this website so dangerous, we’ve created a page of the cartoons that he/she has decided are too controversial for either China or the rest of the world–click on the words “MOST DANGEROUS CARTOONS ON THE INTERNET(s) above and see what horrible things the world is being protected from.