An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

Hey, I put my shoes out for St. Nicholas–and they NEVER RETURNED!

Two Shoes that Shook the World

Why does democracy mean that people hate me?

Size 10, Bush cracked…how soon has he forgotten that when Saddam’s statue was toppled, the Iraqis came up and beat on it with their shoes? This is the way of democracy, he said. If so, why have the Iraqis turned al-Zeidi over to the military police for interrogation? Would it hurt Bush to say to al-Maliki–hey, don’t torture him, it’ll look bad for me and worse for you? Well, yes, it would, because Bush is a sick man. It took an Iraqi to do what many Americans felt like doing, what Nancy Pelosi ought to have done by initiating impeachment, telling Bush to his face just how low a scumbag he really is. It’s the best Christmas present the world has gotten in years. Too bad the man who did it is going to suffer for the actions no one else had the balls to do.