An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

Dang, Them Sheep Leave A Mess On A Red Carpet


Well, I’ve been meaning to do a brokeback cartoon for a while, but, of course, everyone and his brother has taken the poster and photoshopped various political figures into it…which isn’t really a cartoon, but it DOES kinda rule out using the idea over here, if yanno what I mean? I’ve found I can’t look at political cartoons these days until well after the events because if I know someone else has drawn something that I have a similar idea for, I can’t draw it myself.

Anyway, EVERYONE expected Brokeback Mountain to take best picture and predicted so. By far, the most disgusting expression of a prediction came from the right wing poster child for anorexia of the brain, Ann Coulter… If there’s any reason to cheer Brokeback’s loss, it is in that it proves once again that Ann needs holes in the ground identified for her. However, let us rather cheer the fact that another good movie “Crash” won, and also cheer the three Oscars that Brokeback DID earn, especially the first directorial win of Ang Lee and extend our congratulations not just to all the winners but to all contenders in a very unpredictable year for the Academy Awards.