An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

Hey, ‘Axolotl’ Is A GREAT Word…


(Daily Telegraph) Bush ‘early decision’ on Iraq invasion

(ABCNews)House Conservatives Blast Immigration Bill

I heard an interview clip with Frist from Hannity And Colmes on The Daily Show where he called deporting 11 million illegal aliens a “workable solution”, (Click on “Aliens Vs. Senators”), but if you need something in print, here’s an article where he’s quoted as calling illegal aliens a national security risk second only to the war on terror: (CBS/AP) Leap Forward for Bold Immigration Bill

Abramoff Is Sentenced For Casino Boat Fraud

The Same article, but the headline is more explicit…(Mercury News) Abramoff says he’s sorry, gets light term for scam

(Boston Herald) Photographer: Herald got it right Ahhh, but did Nino pronounce it with the correct Sicilian accent?