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My God, It Almost Makes McCain Look Like He Isn’t Dead Yet


Well, we’re slowly getting started over here and there’s a few glitches to be worked out yet from the old archives (like the comments from 2003 below), but we’re on our way. Even though our beloved First Nitwit is in his last 10 months, there’s a helluvalotta damage he can do, despite how much everyone wants us to ignore him and focus on the coming election. In the meantime, we have the scandal that ISN’T a scandal…if anything, this is something that makes John McCain seem interesting instead of looking like the dull old man he really is. I mean really, at least it wasn’t an underage page BOY. I rarely quote from advertising, but this particular one includes links to several important blog posts on this topic, so I’ll let Brave New Films get a plug:

With inspiration from the insightful blogs of FireDogLake’s Jane Hamsher , Christy Hardin Smith, and Marcy Wheeler , we found footage and music to show the story not being told.

Brave New Films

Seriously, this story has actually been around for ages…just why DID the Times hold it back until McCain practically had the GOP nomination sewn up?