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Congratulations, Barack Obama

A few last minute chores at the Bush White House

A few last minute chores at the Bush White House

The end is finally in sight for the Bush administration. One of the first things that is going to have to be done when Obama takes office is to find out just what the hell were in all those signing statements. And what kind of executive orders is Cheney is going to induce Georgie to write. Barack has his work cut out for him. The Treasury has been drained, we’re practically owned by China, we’ve got two ongoing wars, New Orleans is still a disaster and the economy has tanked. Helluva job, Georgie. You wonder if he realizes just what he has done. Personally, I don’t think he can imagine it. GWB probably thinks he’d have gone down as one of the great Presidents in history if it weren’t for all those disasters which “nobody” could have planned for, without realizing that his tax cuts, his wars, his gutting of FEMA, all contributed to our being unable to recover from disaster. George’s career has consisted of disastrous leadership of an oil company, screwing up a baseball team, and almost single-handedly wrecking America. All his life, he’s taken a dump in the middle of the floor and walked away smiling, leaving his mess for someone else to clean up. That kind of behavior is tolerable in a one-year old. George Bush is our national one-year old.
But let’s not dwell on that. In spite of all the lies and distortions that John McCain and Sarah Palin resorted to in the last weeks of the campaign, America has finally lived up to its promise and elected a black man as President. It’s time to celebrate.

NOTE: As Tuesday is a national holiday, we won’t be updating that day. Nonetheless, an issue has come to our attention that we wish to ummmm *crunch crunch crunch on a Twix* blog about as soon as possible. Any hotties true believers want to join us in our struggle?–Fred’n’Bert

Happy Hallowe’en–BOO!

An homage to Ed Wood's masterpiece (KOFF KOFF)

An homage to Ed Wood

A frightening tale of the future! And we are all interested in the future since the future is where we shall spend the rest of our lives. Future events such as these depicted here will happen…IN THE FUTURE!

Dignum et justum est: It is indeed fitting and just that we depict the possibility of a McCain-Palin administration with the image of the worst movie ever made. Tho how they could improve (?) on the mess Georgie Bush laid in the middle of the carpet is beyond me. Unless McCain knocked off–then we might as well just rename her Caligula and go on from there. Anyway, Happy Halloween to all you trick-or-treaters and remember, vote early, vote often 😉

Greenspan Receives a Remedial Economics Lesson–Greed Trumps the Market

Greenspan: Shocked, shocked, shocked!

Greenspan: Shocked, shocked, shocked!

So it comes as a huge surprise to Alan Greenspan that lack of regulation merely encourages unbridled greed to such an extent that the market winds up eating itself alive. I guess he never heard of the worm Oroboros. Of course, it wasn’t HIS fault–he was only the most powerful man in finance, responsible for setting the interest rates on those loans that got out of hand. Not to mention supporting Bush’s/Cheney’s insane tax cuts that drained the Treasury so that we had to borrow money for his wars, for disaster recovery, and now to save the banks. It was our due

Speaking of things that got out of hand, Sarah Palin has a new wardrobe LOL. $150K, but don’t worry–it’ll all go to charity after the election. That’s right, to charity. You got that now? It’s going to charity.

God, what hypocrites.

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