An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

All the charm of the DMV, all the competence of a Bush appointee…


(Time) Katrina Victims Facing Collectors?
We’ll start once again with the thought that Brownie did a helluva job. And when our Fearless Leader–you know, the one who wishes he was in Afghanistan having a romantic encounter with danger like he didn’t have when he was sort of in the National Guard–finally realized that the federal government had to do something about all those POOR people besides Trent Lott–he cracked the whip and sent his corp of incompetents rushing down to throw money around madly, not bothering to account for who they gave it to. That’s what happened in Iraq–they sent down truckloads of hundred dollar bills–on pallets–do you have any idea how many hundred dollar bills it takes to load a pallet? And they just threw it away. Threw it away…there’s about 10 billion dollars in CASH that no one can account for. Who’s got it? Not the Iraqis you can bet. So, the American branch of these incompetents rush down to the Delta and throw money around wildly. And now, they’ve run out of money–with 1/3 of the claims yet to be filled! So what are they going to do now? You got it–go try to get it BACK! Not necessarily from the people they overpaid–from the people they can put the screws to. In other words, the poor who lost their homes get to get screwed again. Kanye West was wrong. Bush doesn’t care what color you are–as long as you’re dirt poor, it’s all the same to him–someone to be screwed.
Isn’t criminal negligence an impeachable offense?