An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

Ooo, Ooo, Ooo, Could Obamarama be a real Politician?


OK so Obama collects a quarter billion dollars in contributions from millions of people who sent the money in 10s and 20s–i.e., 90% of his contributions were well under $100. He’s way over the $85M FEC collecting limit if he wants the governmental campaign financing. Everyone’s running around going–ah-hah, he’s a hypocrite, since he said he’d limit himself. What’s he going to do with the money if he DOES go with government campaign financing? Is he supposed to a) give it to the Democratic Committee, b) stick it in his pocket, or c) give it back? I’ll remind y’all that after Super Tuesday, McCain sent a letter to the FEC stating his intention not to rely on government campaign financing–but this request is in limbo since the FEC is short 4 commissioners. McCain Blows by Public Spending Cap and Holding McCain Accountable For Campaign Finance Violations
If I remember Obama correctly, he basically said that he hoped that McCain and he would both agree to the fed campaign limitations. Is it hypocrisy to make the choice that is your only real option? His supporters didn’t give the money to the Democratic Party–they gave it to the Obama campaign. Sticking it in his pocket is a no-go from the get-go. Giving it back? Hell, that would use UP more money than he could return! What’s he supposed to use, PayPal?

So why all the hubbub, bub? Could it be that now that Hill has stopped putting her foot in her mouth, the media needs a new controversy? Besides Cindy McCain’s cookie recipe? And perhaps that the right-wing wants to paint Obama errrr black? And McCain white (actually kind of a pale rosacea). Hmmmm, could those be the reasons behind Campaign Finance-gate? Enquiring minds want to know 😉