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Not Dead Yet…


(Washington Post) Racist Incidents Give Some Obama Campaigners Pause
(WashPost) Hillary Agonistes
Did you catch those interviews replayed on the Daily Show about why the voters of West Virginia went for Hillary instead of Obama? “I guess because he is another race…I’m sort of scared of the other race because we have so much conflict with them…” “He’s a Muslim and, you know, that has a lot to do with it.” “I don’t like the Hussein thing. I’ve had enough of Hussein.” I guess the entire Reverend Wright saga got missed in West Virginia. Nobody ever went broke betting on the stupidity of the American people…

Open Mouth, Insert Foot


OK, Hill said out loud that Obama didn’t appeal to hardworking white people without college education. I guess she’s claiming that as her base. Interesting that Indiana had so many crossover votes by Republicans in the Democratic primary, like Rush Limbaugh suggested to do. I guess her base is Republican as well–but they will vote McCain come November…

And the Democratic Race is still… (yawn) undecided


Man, am I getting bored with this nomination process. WTF are we (as a nation) subjecting ourselves to a year of constant campaigning while we should have been focusing on trying to undo the wrongs that the Bush administration has done to all but the few, the proud, the obscenely wealthy? Hillary has been a good senator (for the most part) and was a good girl in the 2004 election by keeping her promise not to abandon her constituents, but God have mercy, what a panderer she’s become. She tries to prove she’s one of the people and then goes on Bill O’Reilly (watch it on YouTube) to convince him that she loves rich people, God Bless Us, everyone. And she can’t operate a coffee machine 😀

Far more important is a different aspect of Tuesday’s primary. The Supremes upheld an Indiana voter ID law, called one of the toughest of the newly passed legislation. In case you didn’t know it, our biggest problem, according to the party of BIG MONEY, is people trying to vote who have no right to. Gee, all this time I thought it was our FU’d voting machines and how we’ve spend huge sums to purchase computerized machines that can be hacked by anyone. But no, voter fraud, not defrauding the voters, is our big problem. Indiana requires a fed or state photo ID, and TATATATATAAAAAAAA, 12 nuns in their 80s and 90s got turned away because of their lack of proper ID. (Boston Herald–AP) Nun turns away sisters lacking ID at Indiana primary OK it was another nun who actually turned them back, but she was just following the rules set up by pigs at the trough. Welcome to the United Corporation of America, where you can experience first-hand Democracy Lite.

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