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Why’s Bob Novak In The Dress? Well, We All Know He’s SOMEBODY’S Bitch


(Fox Brit Hume) Interview with Robert Novak

(Wash Post) Novak Says He Named 3 Sources in Leak Case

(WashPost) Vice President Sued by Plame And Husband: Ex-CIA Officer Alleges Leak Of Her Name Was Retaliatory

Well, this isn’t gonna go far…We’ll see a move to quash based on the fact that the VP shouldn’t be sued “during wartime” to distinguish the motion from the reason why Bill Clinton could be sued. They’ll delay any proceedings by appeals up the chain of courts until they finally hit the Bush appointee who makes it go away. As long as no one was under oath, they can’t be hit with perjury charges, the only form of lying Republicans admit is wrong…when someone ELSE does it. Bob Novak is still portraying himself as the heroic defender of First Amendment rights while he is the lowest sycophant to crawl in a newsroom. The least he could’ve done was given a colorful codename to his stoolie. As Jon Stewart pointed out, no Deep Throat for Mr. Combover…

Just Who We Need, The Guy Who Headed The Illegal Wiretap Surveillance Op


(AP) Rumsfeld backs Hayden, denies “power grab”

(TheNation) Hastert Trashes Hayden

(HuffingtonPost) Gen. Michael Hayden: Unreasonable Nominee for Probable Cause

OK, we know the drill…the answer is that Hayden is NOT Bush’s real choice for CIA Director. Like Harriet Myers, he’s the decoy. Everyone gets to jump up and down, saying what a stupid choice Hayden is, Bush stomps around saying he’s the best, most qualified man for the job (Kudos to Jon Stewart and the Daily Show team by catching Bush using the exact same words to describe Hayden that he used to describe Porter Goss less than 2 years ago) and eventually Hayden removes himself from the nomination. Bush names someone only slightly less controversial, everyone breathes a sigh of relief and confirms him (you don’t think it’ll be a HER, do you?) without a second thought…

Yet Another Costumed Villain!


(AP) Bush, ‘The Decider,’ Vows More Changes

Just to explain it, you’ve all seen the Magic Eightball, haven’t you? I’m sure Bush thinks more of himself as a super hero like the Daily Show did, but I think he is more the supervillain type 🙂 I was looking for the references to this when I came across an interesting discussion on Firedoglake…The ‘Decider’ By Taylor Marsh

Close to the bottom of the comment, GrahamG reminds us TO DECIDE OR NOT TO DECIDE…THAT IS THE DECISION

Snips from a transcript of Bob Schieffer’s pre-State of the Union interview with President Bush.
SCHIEFFER: …can you give the American people, Mr. President, some sort of a time frame, for example, where do you think we’re going to be three months from now there, and what will troop levels be, say, come the fall?
PRESIDENT BUSH: You see, I–I can understand you wanting to ask that question and the American people, some wanting to–want me to give the answer to that. I can’t give the answer to that because I’m not the–the decider. What I can assure the American people of is that we’ve got a strategy to victory. We got a plan to see that the Iraqis take the fight. More and more Iraqis are taking the fight, and I’m going to listen to our commanders. [Emphasis Mine}

You can find this interview at CBS NEWS