An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

Open Mouth, Insert Foot


OK, Hill said out loud that Obama didn’t appeal to hardworking white people without college education. I guess she’s claiming that as her base. Interesting that Indiana had so many crossover votes by Republicans in the Democratic primary, like Rush Limbaugh suggested to do. I guess her base is Republican as well–but they will vote McCain come November…

Hush, Little Baby, Don’t You Cry…


(AP) House GOP shut out despite promises

“It is tough to be in the minority, isn’t it? I feel your pain,” Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. The AP article claims that Democrats lorded it over the Republicans for 40 years before the last 12 years, but I can’t recall anything as bad as the last 4 years. Talk about pigs at the trough! Does anyone else recall secret midnight votes? Voting on bills that hadn’t even been printed up yet? I thought not.

(AP) Bush chides Dems on reflexive response

It HAS to be partisan–otherwise, they’d be in favor of MY war leadership without question. Check your own party Georgie, lots of them are having a reflexive partisan response against the war too 🙂

Trick Or Treat? We’ve Been Tricked So Long, We Wouldn’t Know A Treat If It Bit Us


Of course, Bush is saying the Democrats will raise taxes. But who put us in a position where the national debt was so massive. The bulk of Bush’s tax cuts went to the rich. If we took away their tax breaks, we’d have enough to pare down the debt AND give the middle class some tax relief!

In the meantime, an update on our NEW Google censorship problem. Remember how I said that the image search results between China and the US were interchanged? Well, they fixed China, but left the US results in total censorship! Exactly what I expected them to do, since you can’t trust anyone to fix anything right over there when they screw up. I’ve sent a letter to the image search team and if that doesn’t get a response, I start writing VPs…

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