An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

BYE-BYE, RUMSFELD–You Just Know I Couldn’t Let Him Go Without A Song


Everything in this cartoon was based on something Don Rumsfeld actually said 🙂 so click here for some choice Rumsfeldisms. Donald has entertained us so much with his poetry, his zen-like answers to questions that made people feel like idiots for asking them…not that they weren’t valid questions. And Bush claimed he didn’t want to tell us about his departure before the elections becuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuz he didn’t want to influence the votes? Becuz he didn’t want to answer questions about it before Gate accepted? But Donnie Boy himself said that “he had decided to resign partly because of the changed political environment after Tuesday’s congressional elections.” (Reuters) Resignation was due to changed political scene: Rumsfeld. So it seems when Bush told us that this had already been in the offing, he was blowing smoke up our asses as usual. And as a followup, (Reuters) Rights groups file war crimes suit against Rumsfeld

Breaking News: An 8.1 magnitude earthquake struck in the Pacific some 990 miles from Tokyo resulting in the issuance of a tsunami warning for Japan and Russia. Let’s hope that everything turns out OK for everyone concerned.

And to let the search engines find the song by the lyrics, here they are:

Pack up all your known unknowns: what we don’t know, we won’t know. Bye Bye, Rummy!
Things were best undetailed-y, that’s why I stayed concept-y. Bye Bye, Rummy!
I told you the answer if I knew it, if I didn’t, out my ass I blew it.
Quagmires, numbers, book reviews, all the rest of my don’t-do’s, RUMMY, BYE BYE!

Sometimes, yes, when I stood there, I thought, “What-am-I doing here?” Bye Bye, Rummy!
If you found out what we do, it would be clear to us, too. Bye Bye, Rummy!
Freedom’s so untidy, so forget it, screwups never could make us regret it.
Torture, roadside bombs and “Stuff”, that’s SUCCESS–Sure Enuff!