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Some Day My Prince Will Come…


(USAToday) Disney opens Fairy Tale Wedding service to gay couples

We applaud the Disney Corporation for taking this bold step at making more money from a new consumer base. On the other hand, what WOULD Uncle Walt think LOL? He’d gotten pretty conservative towards the end there and his people had to keep certain pieces of information about actors in his employ away from him. But let’s hope the ghost of Walt is smiling in heaven…or in that cryogenic chamber, wherever that may be 🙂

Not Being Bothered With All Them Rights Is A Good Thing!


(WashPost)For Foes of Same-Sex Marriage, It’s the Thought That Counts

(WashPost) Debate Begins On Gay Marriage

(WashPost) President Bush Speaks About the Marriage Protection Amendment

(The Nation) Bush: Discrimination ‘Serves Interests of All’

(WashPost) Batwoman Is Back As a Lesbian

(Defamer) ‘Superman’: Inside The Bulge?

(Defamer) How Much Gay Superman Is Too Much Gay Superman?

“Every American deserves to be treated with tolerance and respect and dignity.” And that’s why Our Leader is against gay marriage. As John Nichols pointed out in The Nation, Woodrow Wilson thought that segregation was not a humiliation, but a benefit for black people, at least if the newspapers would spin it that way (before the term spin was invented). So too, Little Georgie believes in the tyranny of the majority (if it’s on his side). If the majority of people think that a minority shouldn’t have certain rights, they have every right to pass a constitutional amendment to ensure the denial of those rights. This is exactly what James Madison was afraid of back in his writing in The Federalist.

In the meantime, it seems that Warner Brothers is making an effort of some sort to sell Superman Returns to the gay market. We’ve had releases on how Brandon Routh “fills out his bulge,” how sensitive the new Man of Steel is, etc. On top of this DC Comics has announced the re-introduction of Batwoman, as a hot lesbo butt-kicking chick. 🙂 I couldn’t resist the opportunity to conflate all the stories LOL

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Gay Marriage Amendment Fails in Senate