An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

Alberto’s Bedside Manner? Needs Improvement…


(Bloomberg) Gonzales Pressured Ashcroft on Program, Comey Says

(AP) No-confidence vote looms for Gonzales

(AP) White House: Anti-Gonzales vote a stunt

Who would’ve thought that John Ashcroft would have been the protector of American liberty? Didn’t do any good, the little bootlicker Alberto VO5 just waited until he could ram it through later. Is a vote of No Confidence a stunt? Yes. WE SHOULD IMPEACH THE LITTLE BASTARD. Votes of no confidence have no legal standing. All it says is, “Naughty, naughty.” When are the Democrats going to get some BALLS?

Bring In The Usual Suspects…


You have all my confidence but … How would you like a Medal of Freedom, Fredo?

(AP) Specter: Gonzales hurt administration

(AP) Bush administration under a cloud

(AP) Bush administration awash in scandals

(AP) Vermont Senate: Impeach the president

I can’t remember this, something is amiss, my memory’s gone awry…
My fundame-ent’s store is dry, I’ll have to lie.

And when asskissers woo, they still say, “Mw-MW-moo!”… on that you can rely
When senator’s inquiries sting, I’ll have to lie.

Bald-faced evasions–never out of date.
Wild prevarications, always on my plate.
Disinformations, “Oops, did I misstate that?” is my sure reply.

It’s still the same old story, who cares about Old Glory, as long as I get mine!”
George Bush will always love asskissers who always lie!
And if I’m asked how sweet it tastes, I’ll have to lie.

You KNOW Things Have Gotten Bad When They Start Taking The Fifth


(McClatchy Newspapers) Who is Monica Goodling? And she, a graduate of Messiah College with a law degree from Pat Robertson-founded Regent University, tsk tsk tsk!

(AP) Gonzales aide to invoke Fifth Amendment Ya gotta wonder, with Patrick Leahy, just what does she have to hide that might be incriminating? I she using the Fifth Amendment NOT to protect her right to non-incrimination, but someone else’s? Like Alberto Vee-Oh-Five-Es?

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