An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

Back On The Ballot A-gain, Back Where A PAC Is Your Friend!


While Da Prez is on his first-ever SHORT vacation, HAIL DUBYUS! will also take a break next week, hopefully returning in time for any interim appointments he makes during the longer Congressional recess. Furthermore, in celebration of our third anniversary, HAIL DUBYUS! will be reprinting on Fridays during August (during the aforementioned Congressional recess) some of our more celebrated–or most undeservedly ignored–cartoons from the past three years. This will hopefully allow your devoted cartoonist and the squirrels to recover from the beastly heat that IS NOT CAUSED BY GLOBAL WARMING (ahem!). We now have proof that it can’t be, Pat Robertson said that it was! (Reuters) Heat converts Bush ally Robertson on global warming

Anyway, we thought we’d begin our retrospective in honor of Tom Delay, who has just been re-included on the Texas (AP) Court rules DeLay’s name stays on ballot. We have no doubt that the well-fed weasel will attempt to slink off the ballot (AP) GOP to take DeLay case to Supreme Court, but to mark the occasion, we present our November 2004 impression of Tom Delay as Tomdelayo, as played by Hedy Lamarr in “WHITE CARGO.”. Oops, that’s Hedley! Actually, Hedley’s/Hedy’s character was named TONdelayo, but I think our Texas weasel looks quite fetching in a sarong, don’t you? Congratulations, Sugarland!