An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

One Gasbag Finally Gone–How Many To Go?


(The Nation) McCain’s Pastor Hagee on Hitler and the Jews
(The Nation) McCain Finally Rejects Hagee Endorsement
(The Nation) Does Lieberman Still See Hagee As Moses Incarnate?

And with the holiday on Monday, we are taking off until Wednesday–catch ya laterz, gaterz

Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, our stupid human managed to come down with aspirative bronchitis (something got caught in his throat, he coughed it up and it got stuck in his nose, the whole thing became infected and settled in his chest—blarrrrrghggghhhhh!) and we will be taking off the rest of the week–HEY, we’re SQUIRRELS, we don’t draw that good!–

Finally feeling a lot better, but unfortunately not up to drawing a new cartoon yet–and I really WANT to draw Scott of the Cathartic, purging himself of guilt for aiding and abetting this gang of crooks in the Administration. It didn’t help finding out that Lorenzo of Lorenzo’s Oil fame just died of aspirative pneumonia, which is the more acute version of what I’ve got. But there’s about 4 days left of antibiotic so hopefully we’ll be clear by then. 🙂