An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

It’s not torture unless your first objective IS to hurt, maim or kill them

It’s not torture unless your first objective IS to hurt, maim or kill them
CNN–Previously secret torture memo released
“WASHINGTON (CNN) — The Bush administration told the CIA in 2002 that its interrogators working abroad would not violate U.S. prohibitions against torture unless they ‘have the specific intent to inflict severe pain or suffering,’ according to a previously secret Justice Department memo released Thursday.

“The interrogator’s ‘good faith’ and ‘honest belief’ that the interrogation will not cause such suffering protects the interrogator, the memo adds.

“‘Because specific intent is an element of the offense, the absence of specific intent negates the charge of torture,’ Jay Bybee, then the assistant attorney general, wrote in the memo.”

Oh yeah, and Tinkerbell will be saved if everyone says, I DO believe in fairies. Basically, what the memo is saying is that intent is more important than what you actually do. Like if you shoot someone, but don’t intend to kill them, it’s not murder if they die. After all, you didn’t think they would die, did you? So, if your superior tells you, don’t worry, it isn’t really gonna hurt them, you’re fine. Or if you’re a Pollyanna or think that these people you’re torturing are just characters in a Warner Brothers cartoon.

Coleen Rowley and Ray McGovern have a good discussion on the lies the administration told us and itself to justify its use of torture in ConsortiumNews: <A href=”http://www.consortiumnews.com/2008/071808e.html”>’Justifying’ Torture: Two Big Lies.</A> They make the interesting point that torture does NOT get us any real information, but it CAN be used to get “confirmation” of misinformation we want to spread. Say WMDs. Ordinary questioning reveals that the WMDs had been destroyed in the 1990s. Torture gets the prisoner to “admit” knowing about secret caches of them and continuing programs. Now you have “plausible evidence” to accuse Iraq of a WMD program. Is it true? WTF cares, the tanks have to roll by March…

Stand up and sing the National Anthem, Mr. Ashcroft.

Alive and Kicking, If I still had a leg


(USAToday) U.S. deploys more than 43,000 unfit for combat

(PoxNews) White House: Bush Will Veto Iraq War Funding Bill Unless it Trims DownWASHINGTON — A top White House official weighed in Thursday with renewed veto threats against rival House and Senate Iraq funding bills, saying add-ons for veterans and the unemployed were unacceptable.

So Much for taking care of veterans. First we send them into battle when they’re physically not ready and then we don’t fund any benefits. And they say the Republicans are pro-military. They’re pro-using the military, but as for taking care of them, well, hell, that means we can’t buy hired guns from Blackwater, don’t it?

More servicemen and women are coming home with injuries that would have killed them a few years ago, but now they’re alive and crippled. And what are these thieves doing about it?

What Happens at the Gas Station, Stays at the Gas Station


Common glitch at pump adds to gas costs, also cheats station
(AP) BP and Shell post big profits in era of record oil prices
(ShareCast) Exxon Mobil “disappoints” with $10.9bn profit
Yes, folks, remember the Iraq war? The one that was supposed to pay for itself with oil revenues and guarantee the American people cheap oil for the next generation? Well, we’re going to hit $4 per gallon this summer–despite the fact that gasoline demand is DOWN–and the oil companies are still making obscene profits while housing, industry and banking are tanking. And to add insult to injury, they’ve got their fingers on the pump because of defective valves and people are being charged extra per fill-up. And is anybody doing anything about that? Hell, no, it’s illegal but there’s no regulation! Welcome to the country of the corporations, by the corporations and FOR the corporations. As long as they’re petroleum. Which shall not perish from this earth–until the oil runs out.

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