An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

One Gasbag Finally Gone–How Many To Go?

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(The Nation) McCain’s Pastor Hagee on Hitler and the Jews
(The Nation) McCain Finally Rejects Hagee Endorsement
(The Nation) Does Lieberman Still See Hagee As Moses Incarnate?

And with the holiday on Monday, we are taking off until Wednesday–catch ya laterz, gaterz

Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, our stupid human managed to come down with aspirative bronchitis (something got caught in his throat, he coughed it up and it got stuck in his nose, the whole thing became infected and settled in his chest—blarrrrrghggghhhhh!) and we will be taking off the rest of the week–HEY, we’re SQUIRRELS, we don’t draw that good!–

Finally feeling a lot better, but unfortunately not up to drawing a new cartoon yet–and I really WANT to draw Scott of the Cathartic, purging himself of guilt for aiding and abetting this gang of crooks in the Administration. It didn’t help finding out that Lorenzo of Lorenzo’s Oil fame just died of aspirative pneumonia, which is the more acute version of what I’ve got. But there’s about 4 days left of antibiotic so hopefully we’ll be clear by then. 🙂

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When Your Mouth Gets THAT Big, It’s Hard To Say What’ll Come Out Of It

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Oooooo the right wing has a new word, “appeaser”. Seems anyone who talks to a country we have difficulties with is an appeaser. Son of Neville Chamberlain, who tried to prevent WWII by appeasing Hitler. Seems they remember what Teddy Roosevelt said a little differently than I’d heard: Speak loud and if they don’t listen, thwack ’em with a big stick.

Seems Hamas said–quite understandably–that they hoped Obama was elected because it was the only way they could see they might get a fair shake. We’re talking about the people who got kicked off their own land 60 years ago. Happy Birthday Israel. And if you don’t think our country’s policies have been pro-Israel, just read Georgie’s address to the Kenesset. But anyway, both McCain and Georgie took the concept that Obama might actually TALK to Hamas and have turned him into an “appeaser.” Georgie practically accused him of starting the Holocaust single-handedly.

It’s gotten so bad that Christ Matthews has briefly found his brain again and gotten thoroughly disgusted at the way the right wing is handling things Chris Matthews Eviscerates Right-Wing Host Kevin James Over Obama “Appeasement” Claims. Seems this radio “host” is all for calling Obama an appeaser but really has no concept what an appeaser is, except something you don’t want to be. Chris tries to get James to say exactly what it was that Neville Chamberlain DID that made him such a terrible person and the guy literally COULDN’T ANSWER except to repeat and repeat and repeat that he appeased Hitler. See the video on the Huffington Post for a good laugh.

Now I’ve got a word for the Right Wing. Any of you remember back in the school yard? If you had a problem with another kid, you worked it out. Sometimes you worked it on with your fists, but more often you talked through it. But there was one kid you couldn’t work it out with. The Bully. He was the one who never worked it out–it was always his way or get creamed. Oh, you don’t remember? Hmmm, that means you were probably the one who nobody could work it out with–or one of his toadies.

Think it over.

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Hahaha, You Can’t Foola Me, There’s-a No Such Thing As A Durable Ceasefire

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(NYTimes) U.S. Shift Kicked Off Frantic Diplomacy at U.N.“A senior administration official said a crucial moment came when Ms. Rice decided to intervene personally in New York. ‘Condi sat in her office Thursday night,’ he said. ‘In a very clear moment, she decided to go to New York and just force this through by going there and sitting there until it got done.’ Well, it was about #$%^ time.

(Guardian) UN says ‘peace tomorrow’ despite Israeli attack “Israel dramatically defied a unanimous United Nations Security Council ceasefire resolution by escalating its ground war yesterday in southern Lebanon, asserting that it needed more time to ‘clean up’ Hizbollah…By the day’s end, 30,000 Israeli soldiers had crossed the border. Despite reports that some troops had reached the Litani, it was also their bloodiest day of fighting, with at least 11 killed and 70 wounded. Israel claimed that it had killed 40 Hizbollah fighters.”

(NYTimes) Israelis in North Are Pessimistic About a Truce Well, no s**t, if their method of prepping for a cease fire is to send 30,000 troops across a border to accomplish as much killing as they can before they’re forced to stop.

Sorry I was late in posting today, it seems that the email for my license renewal got lost somewhere and I had to get my software renewed ASAP

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