An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

A Quiet Little Affair With Only 14 Bridesmaids and 14 Groomsmen…


(AP) President calls Jenna’s wedding ‘spectacular’ “Unlike other first family weddings that have been broadcast live, the Bushes didn’t share their daughter’s nuptials with the nation. The day after, however, they briefly shared their joy.

“‘The weather cooperated nicely,’ Bush said about the wedding at his 1,600-acre Texas ranch. ‘Just as the vows were exchanged, the sun set over our lake and it was just a special day and a wonderful day and we’re mighty blessed.’

(AP) Details on Jenna Bush-Henry Hager Wedding Attendants: 14 women known as members of the “house party,” not bridesmaids…Ushers: 14 men also in the “house party”

The sun set over OUR lake? You know why the media wasn’t allowed in–they didn’t want anyone to see how many highway bandits–errr oil executives, were feeding at the presidential trough.