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Whoops, I misspoked it again …


CNN–Clinton says she ‘misspoke’ about sniper fire
Now, hear me out… if you’re like me, you’re getting pretty tired of all this “misspeaking” that seems to have been going around since the Bush administration took over. But now, with Hillary doing it, it seems to have become a communicable disease, or rather, a non-communicative one. And frankly, that’s making me sick. Just what are we supposed to understand by “I misspoke.” It sounds like, oh, I made a booboo, I said Iran when I meant Iraq. OK, that could be misspeaking, you meant one thing but you said another that was so similar, you had a brain fart. Or you said, Mark McGwire when you meant Barry Bonds–after one, they’re both baseball home-run hitters on steroids–and they look so much alike 🙂 Or you could make a Freudian slip, like the guy who said his wife’s sister’s name in bed and got the ride of his life. But misspeaking is not like the kind of Freudian slip in the old story–oh dear, I had such a Freudian slip this morning…I was at breakfast and I went to ask my wife to pass the orange juice, but instead it came out, “You ruined my life, you f****** bitch!” And it sure as hell doesn’t mean, oh, I meant to tell the truth, but instead, I came out with some wild story to make me look better. The Bush-ites have been doing it consistently for the last 7 years–and getting a pass from the media–and now we have Hillary coming up with some wild story about arriving in Bosnia under sniper fire, when what she meant was, a school girl came up and read a poem to me. Now I’ll grant you, school children reading poems CAN be deadly, especially Bosnian children. But really, Hill, this isn’t a simple misstatement. It’s a Lie. We haven’t hear that term in a long time because George Bush termed it an incivility–and unpatriotic if you used it about anything he said. But that’s what it is, Hillary. Maybe your memory told you there was sniper fire when there was not. “That is sniper fire,” your brain said, as the cadences rolled off the young Bosnian girl’s tongue. But, to paraphrase your husband, that all depends on what the word “is” means. Maybe that’s why your marriage turned out to be so strong? 🙂