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Open Mouth, Insert Foot


OK, Hill said out loud that Obama didn’t appeal to hardworking white people without college education. I guess she’s claiming that as her base. Interesting that Indiana had so many crossover votes by Republicans in the Democratic primary, like Rush Limbaugh suggested to do. I guess her base is Republican as well–but they will vote McCain come November…

This Is ONE Fish Story That Won’t Be One Of Dubya’s Greatest Moments As President…


(Newsday) ‘Intersex’ bass discovered in Potomac River

(WashPost) Male Bass Across Region Found to Be Bearing Eggs: Pollution Concerns Arise In Drinking-Water Source

(SeattleTimes) Best moment as president was catching a largemouth bass, Bush says

That’s Going Too Far: Bush’s fish story, part II

I think this cartoon (and its source stories) speaks for itself, but what I want to talk about is the impending 9/11 Fifth Anniversary mediablitz, and especially, the “docu-drama” going to be shown on ABC that purports to be based on the 9/11 Commission Report, but contains a whole host of inaccuracies, all to the benefit of the current administration. Seems they had themselves vetted by the Republican committee chair and promised Rush Limbaugh through a friend that it would skewer the Clinton administration. Now, ordinarily, I’m very laissez-faire in the free speech department, but I believe that common carriers like television networks have a duty not to promulgate propaganda, particularly when, as originally planned, this docudrama was going to be shown to school kids in study programs. Fortunately, SCHOLASTIC has decided NOT to support it with study materialsScholastic squashes ‘The Path to 9/11’ guide (replacing them with materials “focusing on media literacy, critical thinking and historical background.”), but heck, a lot of ADULTS are going to watch this and think it’s basically a dramatization of the 9/11 report, which seems to be FAR from the case. Anyway, check out Media Matters for more information. Think Progress has a petition here if you care to protest. The innocent victims of 9/11 deserve to be memorialized by the truth, not by partisan fingerpointing. ABC claims that any criticism is misplaced because “editing” had not yet been finished…less than a week before the showing of a five-hour miniseries? Oh, yeah 🙂

UPDATE: MoveOn.Org has this to say: “In a little over 48 hours, ABC will air a five-hour “docudrama” on the 9/11 attacks. The movie was written and produced by a right-wing activist who fabricated key scenes to blame Democrats and defend Republicans.1 It’s so partisan that even Rush Limbaugh was surprised ABC decided to air it.2 And an FBI agent who was brought in to consult on the docudrama quit because, he said, “they were making things up.”3 …It’s not just that ABC’s movie is slanted. Big parts of it are simply untrue. The producer himself even admitted to simply improvising a key scene which depicts the Clinton administration letting bin Laden go when they had him in their sights[^]a complete fabrication.5 Last night, the movie’s star, Harvey Keitel, said “It turned out not all the facts were correct.”6Click here to sign MoveOn’s petition going to ABC.

And If Your Condition Lasts More Than 36 Hours, Call The White House And Ask For Laura…Mr. Excitement Goes To Bed At 9 O’clock Sharp Every Night


Myself, I could care less if Rush is limp (aaaaaaaaaaawwwwww) but his doctor sure didn’t do him any favor by trying to “protect his privacy.” And Rush’s own lack of judgment? Well, what CAN you expect from the Grand Poobah of the dittoheads?

In any case, we’ll be taking Monday off for the 4th of July holiday…and so we wish you all a safe and sane Independence Day 🙂

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