An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

Just to show I’m Bipartisan in my crusade against IDIOCY


I don’t think I need to document this one, Eliot Spitzer, Mr. Clean, Eliot Ness, fighter against pay-for-play DJs, got caught with his pants down. Hoohah Client Number 9 at the Emperor’s Club, paying 4300 dollars to have sex with what–is she some kinda goddess? Sure, they’re pretty, but she gotta be pretty damn talented to be worth that kinda bread! For THAT money, I’d expect something I couldn’t get, and I don’t just mean something that looks nice! It’s the old saying, if you have money and power, you think you’re invulnerable and you’re entitled to anything. And anything is what he got.

Of course, the Republican minority in the NY legislature is calling for impeachment. Do you hear THAT, Nancy Pelosi? You won’t try to impeach that war criminal who thinks he was elected king and this minority party in NY is willing to impeach their governor for getting his peepee wet. It’s not just about the coming election. It’s about what that man can do in the next 9-1/2 months. Do you want to be responsible for giving him a free ride…all the way to Tehran?