An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum


The Surge is Working

Yup the surge worked — record oil profits yet again. Those poor oil companies need more incentives for exploration–they’ve done SO MUCH with what they’ve had.

It is HAIL DUBYUS’s 5th anniversary. Given the continued marginalization by a certain HUGE search engine which will remain nameless, I’m not doing a cake this year. But we are persevering…

Nation of Whiners–Take It and Like It

At the Beach
So John McCain did the “politic” thing and let Phil Gramm go as one of his chief advisors, because Gramm called us a nation of whiners. Well, after 7 years of Bush presidency and a dozen of Republican legislative majority, we have a helluvalot to whine about. Of course, Gramm, having ties to the financial community–in other words, he got money–like all top dogs wonders what we’re whining about. None of his friends have any financial problems, so quit your whining and enjoy being screwed. Which is what McCain doesn’t want people to think he’s saying. After all, he feels our pain–never mind that his wife is the chair of Hensley and Co., Anheuser-Busch’s biggest distributor–hey, didn’t Bud get sold this week to the Belgians? In any case, speaking of pain, our chief Pain, George Bush signed an executive order allowing off-shore drilling wherever it currently isn’t allowed. No good unless Congress passes the legislation, but he wanted to show he was DOING something about our gas problem. Take two Tums and see me in the morning. Never mind that off-shore drilling would take ten years to have any production–it’s all for show anyway.

Just Remember to Water Ski Around the Oil Rigs

Come On DOWN
(AFP) North Pole may have no ice this summer: US expert

Santa will appreciate all the bikini-clad elfettes–there can be floating resorts to keep the oilrig workers happy. But there will be a terrible slowdown in toy production–maybe he’ll subcontract with China.

Fourth of July is this Friday. I’ll be in Florida celebrating my Uncle John’s 90th BDAY. YAY Uncle John!

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