An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

And the Democratic Race is still… (yawn) undecided


Man, am I getting bored with this nomination process. WTF are we (as a nation) subjecting ourselves to a year of constant campaigning while we should have been focusing on trying to undo the wrongs that the Bush administration has done to all but the few, the proud, the obscenely wealthy? Hillary has been a good senator (for the most part) and was a good girl in the 2004 election by keeping her promise not to abandon her constituents, but God have mercy, what a panderer she’s become. She tries to prove she’s one of the people and then goes on Bill O’Reilly (watch it on YouTube) to convince him that she loves rich people, God Bless Us, everyone. And she can’t operate a coffee machine 😀

Far more important is a different aspect of Tuesday’s primary. The Supremes upheld an Indiana voter ID law, called one of the toughest of the newly passed legislation. In case you didn’t know it, our biggest problem, according to the party of BIG MONEY, is people trying to vote who have no right to. Gee, all this time I thought it was our FU’d voting machines and how we’ve spend huge sums to purchase computerized machines that can be hacked by anyone. But no, voter fraud, not defrauding the voters, is our big problem. Indiana requires a fed or state photo ID, and TATATATATAAAAAAAA, 12 nuns in their 80s and 90s got turned away because of their lack of proper ID. (Boston Herald–AP) Nun turns away sisters lacking ID at Indiana primary OK it was another nun who actually turned them back, but she was just following the rules set up by pigs at the trough. Welcome to the United Corporation of America, where you can experience first-hand Democracy Lite.

How Dare He Cut In On My Notoriety!


(AFP) Attack on Sept. 11 widows sparks outrage The media hound most interested in self-promotion accuses the 9/11 widows of it and calls them witches

(WashPost AP)Sen. Clinton: Coulter’s Remarks ‘Vicious’ So far, the only major political figure to call her out on it

(WashPost) A Chilling Portrait, Unsuitably Framed Philip Kennicott on the iconography of Zarqawi’s death

(WashPost) White House Sees Diplomatic, Political Opportunities Turning the tide…again?

(AP) Deputy unwittingly led troops to al-Zarqawi “Al-Zarqawi died with five others, including a woman, a child and the man who unwittingly led the Americans to him”

(WashPost) Stand-Up Man On the lighter side, an online write-in discussion with one of my favorite comics, Lewis Black.

The problem with Ann Coulter is that part of her is doing this bull**** to make headlines, be invited on every TV network to be outrageous and get people to buy her books. That part of her knows what a con artist she is. The other part of her believes it and hopes by promulgating her hate-filled speech to become the new Magda Quandt Goebbels of the New World Order…or possibly its female Joseph Goebbels. That part of her is the scary one. It’s always frightening when a person of intelligence (I won’t deny her that–just as I wouldn’t deny it of Dr. Goebbels) holds such wickedness in her heart and soul. It’s entirely appropriate her new book “Godless” came out on 6/6/06…only she’s wrong–she’s the godless one. I’m certain I saw a Republican complaining about her attire while she was “representing the Republican party.” I believe the words were dressed like a slut–but this seems to have been scrubbed.

On the other hand, today it was a tossup–do I do Zarqawi, do I do Ann Coulter? Ann DID get knocked off the headlines–I’m sure she hates being upstaged by something she can’t shout down with her characteristic rudeness. But I went with her anyway, because she’s more fun to caricature than a dead Zarqawi. Moreover, Bush and Rumsfeld and Co. were remarkably lowkey about the incident. It may turn the tide, but there’s a lot ahead…I guess after as many tide-turnings as we’ve been through–and corner-turnings and turning points–it’s probably best not to crow until we find out if we have something to crow about. I thought I’d read earlier that the woman killed as collateral damage had been pregnant–but I can’t find a reference so that may have been a faulty reading on my part…


(MediaMatters) Media figures, GOP strategists defend Coulter’s attacks on 9-11 widows I should have realized that the defense of Ann would be carried out by the likes of Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and their ilk. According to these, Coulter wasn’t being mean-spirited–she was satirizing. Ahhhhhhh, that’s what we call slander these days. First, satire is not JUST making caustic remarks (a guideline I try, not always successfully, to observe here). And slander is the telling of an untruth about another that the reasonable person MIGHT nevertheless conclude IS the truth because of the position and reputation of the person who made the untrue claim. The claim that the “Jersey Girls” have “commercially exploited” 9-11 (to become millionairesses many times over) is an attempt to tar these 9-11 widows with the brush that paints these so-called pundits. If anyone has “commercially exploited” anything, it’s these hatemongers who have used that tragedy to sell books, improve their ratings, boost their stock portfolios, etc., etc.. If the Jersey Girls have done any exploitation, it’s the exploitation of their position and grief to shame a shameless administration into a real investigation instead of a whitewash. That’s not “commercial exploitation.” That’s, to quote George W. Bush, “using their political capital.”