An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

At Least, These Guys Aren’t Running An ASSassination Pool

If you can't elect your candidate, impeach the winner...

If you can't beat 'em, cheat 'em...

Well, it’s official–calls for Obama’s impeachment have begun before he’s even spent a day in office. YOU HEAR THAT, NANCY PELOSI??? You didn’t want to be divisive? Well, here’s the people you didn’t want to drive away–the ones who are willing to drive away a validly elected President before he’s even had the chance to be corrupt or incompetent. The least you can say is these guys aren’t racially prejudiced–they hate anyone who isn’t Republican regardless of race, color, creed, gender, sexual preference, or … well I can’t say national origin because that’ll probably be their argument: that Obama wasn’t legally elected because his original Hawaii birth certificate is missing and he can’t PROVE he’s a natural-born American citizen (despite having an American citizen mother). At least they aren’t calling for his assassination (or “merely” running pools for one). Quite frankly, with all the death threats he’s already received, I wouldn’t take bets against some gun-toting Mer’can patriot taking a potshot at the “Communist Nazi Muslim N-word whose minister hates America.” It may turn out that the one thing the Bush Leaguer did right was to allow his paranoia to demand increased security for the president…not for him, but for his successor. Some of us are going to be living on pins and needles for the next 4 years.

Just to show I’m Bipartisan in my crusade against IDIOCY


I don’t think I need to document this one, Eliot Spitzer, Mr. Clean, Eliot Ness, fighter against pay-for-play DJs, got caught with his pants down. Hoohah Client Number 9 at the Emperor’s Club, paying 4300 dollars to have sex with what–is she some kinda goddess? Sure, they’re pretty, but she gotta be pretty damn talented to be worth that kinda bread! For THAT money, I’d expect something I couldn’t get, and I don’t just mean something that looks nice! It’s the old saying, if you have money and power, you think you’re invulnerable and you’re entitled to anything. And anything is what he got.

Of course, the Republican minority in the NY legislature is calling for impeachment. Do you hear THAT, Nancy Pelosi? You won’t try to impeach that war criminal who thinks he was elected king and this minority party in NY is willing to impeach their governor for getting his peepee wet. It’s not just about the coming election. It’s about what that man can do in the next 9-1/2 months. Do you want to be responsible for giving him a free ride…all the way to Tehran?

Will The Honeymoon Be Over Before The Reception Ends?


(AP) Pelosi hints at resisting troop surge

(AP) Dems look at tax cuts for middle class

(AP) Bush fleshes out Iraq strategy details

(AP) Bush confident on deal to balance budget

This whole “troop surge” is just a way to avoid dealing with the inept Administration’s unsuccessful democratization of Iraq and leave it to the next President to solve–and be forced to redeploy out of Iraq–we mustn’t say “retreat”. Meanwhile, more Americans (and Iraqis, but they don’t count) will be killed or horribly maimed to allow Bush and his cronies to save face and not have a defeat on THEIR records…

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