An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

Not a Public Figure, Just a Pubic Figure


(AP) Call girl laments use of exotic photos“Since her identity was disclosed, newspapers and Web sites have splashed photos of Ashley Alexandra Dupre in suggestive poses on front and inside pages. Dupre was known as “Kristen” in court documents accusing Spitzer of paying thousands for prostitutes’ services.
“Her attorney, Don D. Buchwald, said she did not consent to the use of her photos in this manner, and the usage may be a violation of federal copyright laws. He said the photos have appeared on commercial Web sites without her consent.”

Yeah right. You became a public figure, babe, as soon as you started doing a public figure. Or didn’t you know he was da gov’ner? Maybe Spitzer needs a refund, you weren’t as knowledgable as Executive Club VIP advertised. Go Figure.
And yes, I know it’s ERIN GO BRAGH 🙂