An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

Bring In The Usual Suspects…


You have all my confidence but … How would you like a Medal of Freedom, Fredo?

(AP) Specter: Gonzales hurt administration

(AP) Bush administration under a cloud

(AP) Bush administration awash in scandals

(AP) Vermont Senate: Impeach the president

I can’t remember this, something is amiss, my memory’s gone awry…
My fundame-ent’s store is dry, I’ll have to lie.

And when asskissers woo, they still say, “Mw-MW-moo!”… on that you can rely
When senator’s inquiries sting, I’ll have to lie.

Bald-faced evasions–never out of date.
Wild prevarications, always on my plate.
Disinformations, “Oops, did I misstate that?” is my sure reply.

It’s still the same old story, who cares about Old Glory, as long as I get mine!”
George Bush will always love asskissers who always lie!
And if I’m asked how sweet it tastes, I’ll have to lie.

When You’re A Jerk, You’re A Jerk All The Way, From Your First Hidden Perk To Your Last Lying Day…


Serving at the pleasure of the President? Here are the lyrics:

Subpoenas (to the tune of Maria)

My staff’s just been handed
And suddenly that word
Is like a stinky turd
To me!

My staff’s been delivered
And suddenly I’ve found
How yecchy that a sound
Can be!

Give them out and your laugh’s like braying
Get one back and it feels like spaying
I’ll never stop getting

The most overdue sound we’ve ever heard