An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

Pardon Me, Boy, Is This The Human Rights Court Station?

Cheney attempts to teach Bush how to forgive himself...

Cheney attempts to teach Bush how to forgive himself...

Well, it seems that Bush is now attempting the ultimate fart in our collective faces. After having broken god only knows how many laws, and committed Human Rights violations left and right, he’s now attempting to pardon, not only those who followed his orders, but himself.

If Bush Pardons Himself or His Subordinates Attorneys, Scholars, Activist Groups Call for Impeachment
This assumption of regal power must finally stop. Even Henry II had to do penance for the murder of St. Thomas a Becket. If Bush is allowed to pardon himself, democracy in the United States will have ceased and instead of a President, we will elect a tyrant every four years. NOTE: Due to this week’s holiday, I am only publishing once this week on Wednesday.

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