An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

What, Didn’t I tell you I was going to be out of the country today? It must have slipped my mind…

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Leaving ON an Airplane
This isn’t just contempt for Congress, it shows the utter contempt for the American people Mr. Bush and his Turdblossom, Mr. Rove have shown repeatedly throughout the last 7-1/2 years. Executive privilege? Is Rove claiming that the President was in on it?

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MC Rove Indeed! I Hear He’s Actually A Flatulent–err, A Philatelist

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(thinkprogress.org) Rove at the Correspondent’s Dinner

You can bet they didn’t ask Stephen Colbert for a return engagement…Here’s Rappin’ Rove from Fred’n’Bert

Yo, This is Ice-K and I[base ‘]m here to say
The way to getcha grind on every day
Bein[base ‘] square and playin[base ‘] fair
That ain[base ‘]t gonna getcha motherf***in[base ‘] anywhere
It takes prevarication to lead this nation
Everyone knows that s$$$ except a crustacean
Except if you[base ‘]re a lobster or maybe a crab
You know what I[base ‘]m sayin[base ‘], you catch my gab
It[base ‘]s lies, yes lies, F*** everyone lies
You gotta tell lies that[base ‘]d make yo[base ‘] momma cry
It[base ‘]s Lies, lies and even mo[base ‘] lies
Till they are the truth and you[base ‘]d think that
Jesus F***in[base ‘] Christ was totally UNWISE
(tunk tunk tatunk tatunk tatunk tunk tunk!)
(whooka whooka whooka whooka whooka whooka whooka whook!)
You can tell the truth sometimes, it[base ‘]s true
but ya gotta make sure it[base ‘]s in the right venue
Like [base “]I tear the heads off small forest critters[per thou]
you can only say that at the correspondent[base ‘]s dinner.
Make sure you don[base ‘]t admit nuthin[base ‘] anywhere
so the Mofo[base ‘]s don[base ‘]t find out that you don[base ‘]t care.
NEVER write nuthin[base ‘] on the white house computer
You better become like me a regular yahoo-ser!
And it[base ‘]s lies, yes lies, till the day that you die
If you wanna wind up with the biggest piece of pie
lies, lies and even mo[base ‘] lies If you wanna make a bastard
like Bush look like F***in[base ‘] first prize!

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Executive Privilege Doesn’t Cover Wrongdoing By The Executive Branch

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(AP) Support for Gonzales erodes on the Hill

(AP) Lawmakers broker for Rove testimony

(AP) Bush: Dems should drop partisan politics

As if that wasn’t what was going on for the last six years…

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