An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

Before it slips through the crack–Neener, Nino


You remember Nino, don’t you? Antonin Scalia, the Supreme Court Justice. The man who went hunting with Dick Cheney and DIDN’T get shot. As you know, Nino was the chief architect and the guy who bullied Justice Kennedy into voting for Bush. And it is this decision that is responsible for the last eight years we’ve had with a jackass as president (I can’t bring myself to capitalize president for Bush). And for the assholeries that we’ve had to endure. Well, Nino was interviews the other week by Leslie Stahl for 60 MINUTES. She asked him about Bush v. Gore and this !@#$%^&*() had the nerve to say that people should “GET OVER IT.” Get Over It? It’s going to take 25 years, if not 50, to recover from Bush’s presidency. GET OVER IT? I’ll bet somebody made out like a bandit the last eight years. Every time I think of those words, I get too #$%^&*( mad to type anything coherent. So instead, read this analysis by William Betz in the Baltimore Chronicle: Getting Over Scalia. He gives a great rundown of why this decision is one of the most #$%^&*(ed-up decisions by any Supreme Court.

Get Over It. You can bet your bottom dollar that Nino has never gotten over Roe v. Wade and that he’s just aching for a chance to overturn THAT decision. And his defense will be–Get over it…

Well, You Didn’t Expect Me To NOT Switch Letters, Did You?


No new articles on this, it’s just that I think this is a REALLY important issue. We have a strange outlook on things in the US. We HATE poor losers. But we LOVE POOR WINNERS. What’s a poor winner? Someone with no class, who does the brag dance, who thinks he has the right to perform the action of the REAL name of the town in the cartoon on his opponent. It’s just as bad sportsmanship as poor losing, but because we worship winners and demand winning SO much, we not only forgive the winner’s bad sportsmanship without batting an eye, we revel in it ourselves as if we had personally won the contest.

Now this behavior has been integrated into our conduct of elections. The winners of an election NOW have the right to rearrange their state’s districts to ensure not only that the winning party keeps its seats, but will gain MORE seats at the next election. True, it’s bipartisan…it means the same for a state held by one party or the other. But, where is the majority right now? The party that led us into war? That screwed the budget to favor the rich? That is turning its back on the environment because it will mean lower profits? Will it be this party that is our defacto ruling party from now on, with no hope of turning the rascals out, because they can rearrange the districting to protect themselves? This is how democracy ends…with a round of applause.

Oh, I decided to try for a TV cartoon effect in today’s cartoon…hope it worked out.

To The Victor, The Spoils…Now With The Force Of Law


(WashPost)Tolerating Texas Rules

Once again, the new court has taken steps contrary to the spirit of democracy. By supporting the blatantly partisan redistricting plan, they have enshrined the principle of letting the victor make off with the spoils. The 2006 election may be the most important in American history…unless balance is re-established in the legislature, one party rule will become the NEW American way…

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