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Steve Irwin: A Sad Day For Animal Lovers


I wasn’t planning on any updates today, but I couldn’t let this pass, so I’m reprinting a cartoon from 2004 that had a humorous but affectionate reference to Crocodile Hunter. Steve Irwin was, by all accounts, a great person, as fun in person as he seemed to be on the tube, and a truly great lover of our wild companions on this planet. I’m not the outdoorsey type, but I love it when new creatures visit my studio (OK, I wasn’t too thrilled when I discovered a 5′ long black snake crawling through my ceiling fixtures one dark and stormy night after I’d been watching a Hammer movie fest the night before). Steve did wondrous things to make people aware of the beauty of our wild neighbors, a beauty which more and more is disappearing from the world, and aware of our responsibility to act to help maintain the spectacular diversity of creation. Ironically, the animal which accidentally killed him is not a very dangerous creature, but as always, Steve Irwin got as close as he could and this time, as close as he could was a little too close. He was a kind and brave soul who inspired others and he will sorely be missed. Our sincerest condolences to his wife and family.