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GITMO–A Pustule On The Face Of Everyone Connected With It


(WashPost-AP)U.S.: 3 Gitmo Inmates Hanged Themselves

(WashPost-AP) Bush Directs Outreach on Gitmo Suicides “President Bush expressed “serious concern” Saturday over the suicides at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay and directed an aggressive effort by his administration to reach out diplomatically while it investigates.”

(Reuters) Suicides prompt new calls to shut Guantanamo “The suicides of three Arab detainees at Guantanamo ignited new calls on Sunday for the United States to shut down the prison camp but a U.S. diplomat called their hangings a “good PR move” to gain attention…Colleen Graffy, U.S. deputy assistant secretary of state for public diplomacy, told the BBC World Service the suicides were a “good PR move to draw attention. It does sound that this is part of a strategy in that they don’t value their own life and they certainly don’t value ours and they use suicide bombings as a tactic to further their Jihadi cause,” she said.”

It also sounds like the despair of possibly completely innocent men who’ve been arrested, thrown into a jail of despicable conditions and illegally held for 4-1/2 years without a trial.

(BBC) Dead detainee ‘was to be freed’ “One of the three men who committed suicide at the US prison camp at Guantanamo Bay was due to be released – but did not know it, says a US lawyer…He said the prisoner was not told because US officials had not decided which country he would be sent to.” Well, I guess they don’t have to decide now.