An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

Who Thought Kofi Annan Had Such A Good Sense Of Humor?


Wow, what a migraine…I was pretty much out for 2 days and then out most of today sleeping it off. SO only Tuesday and Friday again this week and I’ll take off till January 3 for Xmas and New Years–

I Just Love Drawing Bush In Drag

I’m going to add my copy later when I’m not so exhausted. 🙂

You’re So Beige, You Probably DON’T Think This Toon Is About You…


I’ll be posting commentary a bit later–headache time again 🙁 But yes, I decided to realize Joe Lieberman as Droopy Dawg (as Jon Stewart has been vocalizing him) because I haven’t seen anyone ELSE who had … Droopy’s thatch of hair makes a nice yarmulka, doesn’t it?

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