An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

And If Things REALLY Get Bad, You Can Always Go On Oprah


Catching up on things that went on while we were on vacation, we note that Our Leader has been using the NSA to spy on Americans…he assured us it was only people who had contact with al-Qaeda (and we’re supposed to take his word for it) and that he authorized the non-court-approved wiretaps because they needed to be done so fast, he couldn’t ummmm wait for a retroactive 72-hour court order? (AP) Poll: Americans Want Warrants for Spying Amazingly enough, 42% of Americans agree with him, despite the number of lies his administration has been caught in. I say, you can get a court order 3 days after surveillance has already begun, that should be fast enough for anyone because with the dirty tricks you guys have pulled, there’s no telling WHO you’re going to spy on if you’re given a green light to carry out espionage on American citizens without a court order.

In the meantime, Oprah ((AP) Oprah Dismisses Claims About Frey Memoir) has defended the memoir of some lad named Frey whom she’d touted to her book club and which memoir has been shown to have substantial fabricated content by The Smoking Gun. Now I agree that memoirs usually have some embellishment, but there’s a difference between embellishment and outright fabrication. I note that Frey originally tried to sell it as a novel and no publisher bought it. He marketed it as a memoir and it took off. Maybe I should take MY novel and tout it as a memoir–hey a lot of the stuff really happened–some of it not to me, and certainly not in the order I told it in, but hey, Oprah said it was OK for HER guy…

Quick Reminder, Monday is the Martin Luther King, Jr holiday…we will be off until Wednesday.