An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

Reach Out And Touch Someone :) And Add Them To The Database


(Reuters) Bush denies spying infringes on privacy

(AP) Ex-Qwest CEO Balked at NSA Records Sweep

Hey, Our President says ordinary Americans have nothing to worry about. Of course, a few months ago, he said, tapping into phone conversations required a court order, and that was a lie, and then he said that it was limited to international calls and well, that seems to be fudging it just a little, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt…he’s got to tell the truth SOMETIME! As we all know, terrorism isn’t limited to al-Qaida either…druggies, protestors, all sorts of people “support terrorism.” And don’t you feel safer knowing that those cell phone calls you made from the No-Tell Motel when you were supposed to be at a meeting in Albuquerque are now part of the government database?

I’d prefer my skeletons remain in the closet, thank you … can you hear me now?

Yes, I Have Been Reading A Lot Of Japanese Comics Lately, Why Do You Ask?


Our president seems to be under the impression that a wartime president has the powers of a dictator. Unfortunately, only Congress can declare war and I don’t recall Congress declaring war. A war on terror is not a war–you can’t declare war on a tactic–a war requires a definite opponent; otherwise, there can be no end to the war. Are we at war with Iraq? I thought that Mission had been Accomplished 😉

Newest Enemies of the State: Quakers, grandmothers OK I was feeling too ill last night (a touch of the flu) to load this up but this is the kind of thing we’re getting from our Emperor’s New Protection. In case the article disappears, I’ll quote liberally: “One target of Pentagon prying was the Truth Project. This is a small antiwar group that engages in “counter-recruiting” at Palm Beach County high schools, including Lake Worth, Santaluces and Spanish River. With school permission, the peace activists talk to students to counter the assertions of military recruiters. For example, an Army recruiter might tout all the swell opportunities for women who sign up. The Truth Project will mention the high rates of sexual harassment and assault reported by women in the military.Lo and behold, the group’s inaugural 2004 meeting at the Quaker Meeting House in Lake Worth is listed as a “threat” in a secret 400-page Defense Department document obtained by NBC. And just who are these Enemies of the State? They’re all of eight people, including a couple of Quakers and a 79-year-old grandmother, said spokesman Richard Hersh, of Boca Raton. He’s 59 and disabled from a painful nerve disease that often forces him to use a wheelchair.”

Why doesn’t our President want to get court orders for wiretaps? Possibly because His targets are going to be groups and individuals against whom he couldn’t get a court order if He wanted one.

‘No Talk About Impeachment Here’? Course Not! Nobody Got A Blowjob!


(AFP) Top Republican raises impeachment over surveillance flap

Finally, the ominous word gets said in public. IMPEACH BUSH? With a Republican majority in both houses? Get serious. In spite of the fact that if any president ever deserved it, it won’t happen unless enough Republicans decide that the NATION is more important than the PARTY. For more information about blogs and other sources concerning impeachment, go to ImpeachPAC

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