An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum


October 2008

24: Greenspan Receives a Remedial Economics Lesson–Greed Trumps the Market
21: So what does that make us, the unreal America, or the real un-Americans?
17: IS there a real John McCain?
14: Sarah Palin: Dick Cheney Got An Apology From That Guy He Shot In The Face–Where’s MINE?
10: The Rabble Hasn’t Been Roused Like This Since Nuremburg…
07: Is it fair? I’ve got $480 million, I don’t give a D@#$.
03: Gwen, Do You Mind If I Pay No Attention To Your Questions, But Answer What I’ve Memorized?

September 2008

30: What Do You Mean There’s No Funsies Table At This Casino? I Need A Do-Over…
26: Hey, I Spent Five and a Half Years at the Hanoi Hilton Without Cheese…
23: Trust Them, They’ll Know How To Use The Money
19: There goes my broker now
12: Republican Stories: In This Issue: SUPER SARAH FIELD DRESSES A MOOSE!
09: Questions about anything are offlimits for Sarah Palin
05: Saving the World From Progress, One Ice Shelf At A Time
02: Don’t Criticize Her, Either Or She’ll Have Your Boss Fired

August 2008

29: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Would Be Proud
26: Lest You Think I gave Russia too Easy a time last week
22: Actually, It's An Accurate Description of the REAL Republican "Base"
19: Invading a Sovereign Nation is Something that Just ISN'T DONE in the 21st Centurry...
15: They Said Nothing About Reach-Arounds
12: Hillary Done Wrong Again
05: It’s Not Like They Have To Forge The Right Forms, Is It?
01: EXXON MOBIL Record Profits–AGAIN!

July 2008

29: It’s not torture unless your first objective IS to hurt, maim or kill them
25: Bob Novak, Accident
22: Not REALLY …a Bail Out
18: Obama Offended?
15: Nation of Whiners–Take It and Like It
11: What, Didn’t I tell you I was going to be out of the country today? It must have slipped my mind…
08: We’ve Already Had One President Who Showed How Important Flying A Plane Was
01: Just Remember to Water Ski Around the Oil Rigs

June 2008

27: Isn’t it refreshing to know that Our Government Uses the Same Lines that SPECTRE uses?
24: Ooo, Ooo, Ooo, Could Obamarama be a real Politician?
20: I’m Back, A Little Worse for Wear

May 2008

23: One Gasbag Finally Gone–How Many To Go?
21: Yes, But Did You Really Want To See Mr. Dymbulb In His BVDs?
19: When Your Mouth Gets THAT Big, It’s Hard To Say What’ll Come Out Of It
16: Not Dead Yet…
14: Alive and Kicking, If I still had a leg
12: A Quiet Little Affair With Only 14 Bridesmaids and 14 Groomsmen…
09: Open Mouth, Insert Foot
07: And the Democratic Race is still… (yawn) undecided
05: Before it slips through the crack–Neener, Nino
02: What Happens at the Gas Station, Stays at the Gas Station