An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum


April 2008

30: Trying to Have it Both Ways
28: Justice has not been done…the question is, who didn’t do it?
25: And in other penis news, they are stealing them in the Congo…again.
23: RAW(R)
21: Maybe Abu Ghraib was all YouTube’s fault too?
18: These are Journalists? This is a Debate?
16: And When WAS the last time you fired that gun, Hill?
14: Ashcroft Was Right–It Should Never Have Been Discussed In The White House
11: You Can’t Get There From Here
09: And for today’s dose of surrealism
07: Spring in Washington and the pink slips are in bloom
04: McCain–All things to no people?
02: Tough Questions …

March 2008

31: All the charm of the DMV, all the competence of a Bush appointee…
28: TSA! TSA! Keeping our skies safe for democracy
26: Whoops, I misspoked it again …
21: So Much For Government Of the People, By the People and For the People
19: When did Karl Rove start working for the Clintons?
17: Not a Public Figure, Just a Pubic Figure
14: Hooray for OUR Team
12: Just to show I’m Bipartisan in my crusade against IDIOCY
10: Oh Gee, It was a one-in-a-million shot…
07: Big Surprise: Bush Endorses His Former Rival
05: Your Fate is to be as you are, Mine is to be as I am, an asshat…
03: It is VITAL to the interests of this country that we get to the bottom of this!!!

February 2008

29: Just a little sluggish
27: Economic Downturn? How will the administration handle it?
24: My God, It Almost Makes McCain Look Like He Isn’t Dead Yet
14: We’re Back!

July 2007

30: Four Years of HAIL DUBYUS! Bloody But Unbowed!
27: Wow, Nice Tight Pattern…Too Bad He Couldn’t See WHO He Was Shooting
25: The Bush Administration–Protecting Us From Cheap Canadian Drugs and Boobs on TV
23: Vitter Family Values?
20: SPOILER ALERT: Harry Potter and the Fourth Branch of the US Government!
16: Bush’s Kind Of War — Nobody Shoots At You, But You Kill 1000s
13: I’ll Discuss This When The Investigation’s Done … Whoops, Old News!
11: Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!
09: Dick Nixon’s Body Lies A-Turning In His Grave
06: I’m In A Stye With The Rest Of My Friends
02: There Is No Hidden Meaning To This Cartoon

June 2007

29: I-PHONE, I-PHONE, I’ll eat your brain for an I-Phone
27: Monty Python and the US Constitution
25: Ahuhahuhahuhahuhahuhahuhahuhahuhaaaaaaaahhh
18: Never Leave A Demolition Half Done
13: The Cartoon You’ve All Been Waiting For
11: Will He Or Won’t He? Only Dick Cheney Knows For Sure
08: At Least Our Corporate Overlords Are Happy
06: Welcome to the Campaign Channel, All Elections, All The Time…
04: I Know, No Mascara, But I Couldn’t Bear To Imagine It On Bush…
01: Even The Boids Are Critics–When The Foo S–ts, Wear It

May 2007

30: Who Ya Gonna Believe, A 2500-year-old Book That Preacher Says Was Written By God, Or Some Scientists Who Only Found Out These Things Yesterday?
25: What’s New, Pussycat? Woe, Woe, Woe!
23: Oh, Please, Mr. Dogcatcher, Don’t Shoot That Dog….
21: Alberto’s Bedside Manner? Needs Improvement…
18: This Cartoon Isn’t About Anything In The News At All …
16: The Right To Address Accusers In Open Court? Not In America…
14: And To Add Insult To Injury, They Even Put My Gloves On Backwards
11: Space, The Final Front…Ooops.
09: Ever Get The Feeling Our Intelligence Is Run By Jethro Beaudine?
04: Spring in Washington…And The Sex Scandals Are In Bloom
02: Mission Accomplished Happy 4th Anniversary