An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum


April 2007

30: The REAL Surge… At The Pump
27: ‘Shamelessly Politicizing A Tragedy?’ Only If You Don’t Agree With Me
25: Well, Somebody Already Used BS Express…
23: Bring In The Usual Suspects…
20: You have answered ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I can’t recall’ to close to 100 questions
18: The Big Bad Wolfowitz Meets Little Hot (???) Riding Hood
16: Jurassic Park IV–Poultry Farm of DOOM!
13: Oh, Darn, Mr. President, I’m Washing My Hair The Next Two Years
11: Some Day My Prince Will Come…
08: Wordless Chorus
08: Maybe Waiting For The Rapture Isn’t The Best National Policy–After All, Who Said You Were One Of The Ones Predestined To Be Rapted?
04: Flies? Poor Puny Things, Who Wants To Eat Flies?
02: But Nothing Could Get Him To Lose The Smirk

March 2007

30: MC Rove Indeed! I Hear He’s Actually A Flatulent–err, A Philatelist
28: You KNOW Things Have Gotten Bad When They Start Taking The Fifth
26: Executive Privilege Doesn’t Cover Wrongdoing By The Executive Branch
23: KA-BOOM!
21: You Don’t Need An Oath, Don’t You Trust Us?
19: Stationed, Not Stirred: By This Definition, James Bond Isn’t Covert Either
16: When You’re A Jerk, You’re A Jerk All The Way, From Your First Hidden Perk To Your Last Lying Day…
14: I Drew A Line In My Mind And Surprise, Surprise, I Was On The OK Side Of It!
12: One Thing You Can Say About This Crowd–They NEVER Get Tired Of Repeating Themselves
09: You’re Taking The Fall, Sweetheart
07: But…But…They Have Plenty Of Ice…
05: ‘Just A Joke’

February 2007

28: The Only Spears That Can Shave Their Hair Is Britney :)
26: Hmmmmm, And How Many Were Saying Gore the Bore Six Years Ago?
23: When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Accuse Everyone Else Of Not Being Patriotic Enough?
21: Oh, Yes, You Are…GHOST RIDER vs. BUSH
16: A Sane Man Would Be Headed To The Storm Cellar By Now
14: Man When The Toilet Tells You To Stop Drinking, It’s Time To Stop Drinking
12: You Mean I Have To Get Up at 7 AM Just To Find Out If I Can Go Back To Bed At 7:30?
09: ‘I Think We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes’ –Norman Bates
07: Ain’t These People Never Been To A Rock Concert Before?
05: Would You Vote For A Grown Man Who Calls Himself ‘Butch’?
02: Quiet, Err. I’m Transmitting Rage.

January 2007

31: Halliburton Can Make The Umbrellas
29: Hush, Little Baby, Don’t You Cry…
26: They Say A Sociopath Is Marked By A Lack Of Empathy…
24: The State Of The Union 2007
22: And They Say New Yorkers Don’t Care
19: Remember, January 31 Is National Gorilla Suit Day…
17: Obama-Sama-Fo-Fama…
12: Oooo, I’m Gonna Make Such Faces At You (Which Can’t Be Quoted)
10: The State Of Our Union Is Tired As Hell Of Being Lied To…
08: Will The Honeymoon Be Over Before The Reception Ends?
05: ‘Lucky…Lady…Fifth…At…Belmont…’
03: And The Beauty Of It Is, Now Saddam Will Never Tell Anyone About Who Supplied Him With The WMDs In The First Place

December 2006

15: And For All You Furry Philiacs, Marilyn MonSquirrel (Or Is It Madonna?)
12: Who Thought Kofi Annan Had Such A Good Sense Of Humor?
08: I Just Love Drawing Bush In Drag
05: Yunno, Bears That Can’t Sleep Get AWFUL Cranky ;)
01: BRITNEY FLASHES! (Hey, It’ll Get More Attention Than Civil War In Iraq)