An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum


November 2006

28: And If That Doesn’t Work, I’ve Got A Red Ryder BB Gun
22: Henry Kissinger: Last Turkey In The Shop?
20: Lack Of Unity In The Democratic Party? And Your Point Is?
17: Forget Size Zero, Next Season We’re Shooting For -2…
15: BYE-BYE, RUMSFELD–You Just Know I Couldn’t Let Him Go Without A Song
13: I Want To Remind You, You Still Have Two Out Of Three Branches Of The Government, And That Ain’t Bad
08: When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going: BYE BYE DONALD!
06: But Can You Believe A Puppet?
03: Just Remember This Rule When You Go To Vote On Tuesday :)
01: Mischief Night, 2006

October 2006

30: Trick Or Treat? We’ve Been Tricked So Long, We Wouldn’t Know A Treat If It Bit Us
25: Ken Lay Memorial Edition
23: He Thinks He’s Flash Gordon, We Think He’s A Ming Wannabe
18: And If This Don’t Work, There’s Always The Vote Count…
16: Instead Of Delivering The Coup De Grace To The Insurgency, We’ve Decided To Deliver The Coupe De Ville Instead
11: Tactics 101: Always Negotiate From Strength–Oh Well, Lost That Opportunity
09: And Are We Being Censored AGAIN Over Here? Mmmmmmm Could Be…
06: Won’t That Make You Feel Your Kids Are Safer? Just One Question: Who’s Gonna Protect Them From The Teachers?
04: Drunk? Gay? Abused? Nobody Knew? Everybody Knew? What Will We Find Out Tomorrow?
02: Room 101…

September 2006

29: Meep Meep!
27: Let’s Not Even Go There, Said Condi …So They Didn’t
25: Who Knows What Evil Lurks In The Hearts Of Men? This Whole Administration Does–First Hand!
22: Just Because We Reached An Agreement, Doesn’t Mean We Have Keep It
20: Who Do These Guys Think They’re Kidding? Too Bad It’s Working…
18: Whoa! Bluto Never Hit Me THIS Hard!
15: You’re So Beige, You Probably DON’T Think This Toon Is About You…
13: We’re Safer, But We’re Not Safe…We’re Outer, But We’re Not Out…
11: And We Could’ve Gotten Osama AGES Ago If We Didn’t Have Any Pesky LAWS To Pay Attention To…
08: This Is ONE Fish Story That Won’t Be One Of Dubya’s Greatest Moments As President…
06: Boinking Off Into The Sunset…Whatsamatter? Don’t You Feel You’ve Been Boinked The Last Six Years?
04: Steve Irwin: A Sad Day For Animal Lovers
01: Another Fatwa From America’s Ayatollah? Ayatollah? Yup And I’ll A-Toll-Yah So Again!

August 2006

30: You Heard It First Here–NUTCASE!
28: Just The Kind Of Boss You Always Wanted, One Who’ll Fart In Your Face
25: Katrina Anniversary Memorial (August 3rd Anniversary Reprint Special)
23: So, How Many Can YOU Name–Justices, Not Dwarfs…
21: Hey, You Wanna Be Safe From EVERYTHING, DONTCHA?.
18: Sorry, There’s Nothing In The Archives About JonBenet Ramsey
16: Comedy? Horror? Documentary? YOU Decide!
14: Hahaha, You Can’t Foola Me, There’s-a No Such Thing As A Durable Ceasefire
04: Back On The Ballot A-gain, Back Where A PAC Is Your Friend!
02: And I Detest All My Sins Because I Dread The Loss Of Box Office And The Pain Of Supporting Roles

July 2006

31: Get Out Yer 3D Glasses! Our 3rd Anniversary Toon In 3D!
28: Why Not Pay An Arm And A Leg…Cut Out The Middle Man!
26: And This Year’s Hank Kissinger “Heartless” Award Goes to Condoleezza Rice!
24: Hmm, I Think I Need To Deconstruct This One For Myself!
21: Yo, Blair! Want Some Kibbles and Bits, Boy?
19: Some Of You May Take Exception To Portraying Georgie As Jack Sparrow, But Consider This: Who Would You Rather Be Eaten By The Kraken?
17: And The Conspiracy Theorists Come Out In Droves!
14: Why’s Bob Novak In The Dress? Well, We All Know He’s SOMEBODY’S Bitch
12: Well, You Didn’t Expect Me To NOT Switch Letters, Did You?
10: To The Victor, The Spoils…Now With The Force Of Law
07: Good News, Bad News
05: So Now It’s Disgraceful To Be The New York Times, But Not The Wall Street Journal?