An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum


June 2006

30: And If Your Condition Lasts More Than 36 Hours, Call The White House And Ask For Laura…Mr. Excitement Goes To Bed At 9 O’clock Sharp Every Night
28: Yeah, I Know, There Are More Important Things But I Can’t Help It, Saddam’s Hunger Strikes Are FUNNY!
26: Note To Rick Santorum: Those WMDs Aren’t The Only Things Past Their Expiration Date
23: Was There Ever A Time When Garfield Was Funny?
18: (3)
16: At Least He Didn’t Nickname Him Mister Magoo
14: Slipperier Than A Greased Pig…
12: GITMO–A Pustule On The Face Of Everyone Connected With It
09: How Dare He Cut In On My Notoriety!
07: Not Being Bothered With All Them Rights Is A Good Thing!
05: Even the Seven Dwarves Are Upset About This One–They Thought Whistling While You Worked Was Cool ;-)
02: Another Day, Another Massacre

May 2006

31: Never Smile At A Crocodile?
26: Guilty…Guilty…Guilty…Guilty…Guilty…Guilty…Guilty…Guilty…Guilty…Guilty…
24: I Could Swear That Garden Gnome Was Listening To Me…
22: Another Day, Another Corner, Another Turning Point, Another Bombing…
19: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah! Not Exactly An Auspicious Opener
17: You Know, Barbed Wire Doesn’t Just Keep People OUT…
15: The Burning Question–Will Karl Rove Be Indicted and Will It Even Be Mentioned On Fox News?
12: Reach Out And Touch Someone :) And Add Them To The Database
10: Just Who We Need, The Guy Who Headed The Illegal Wiretap Surveillance Op
08: You Couldn’t Make UP A Name Like Dusty Foggo!
05: O Say Can You See, Da Da Da Early Light…
03: Hey, Jose, How’d You Like The Ball Game?
01: Brrr, Is It Cold In Here Or Is It Just Me

April 2006

28: Please Step Back From The Border, Particle Beam Weapons Are Acquiring A Solution…Have A Nice Day
26: ExxonMobil Has Optioned Oil Rights On Lee Raymond’s Jowls…
24: Yet Another Costumed Villain!
21: Well, At Least He Didn’t Say He Wanted To Spend More Time With His Family *WEG*
19: Here’s The Easter Bunny, HOORAY!
14: Went To The Dance Lookin’ For Romance, Saw Barbara Ann And I Thought I’d Take A Chance…
10: No, Really, I’m Sane, I Gave Up Waiting On Godot AGES Ago
07: No, It Isn’t Crawford, But, DAMN, Shouldn’t It BE Crawford?
05: And Now, A Portrait Of The Woman Even The Republicans Would Like To See Disappear Into A Bottomless Pit
03: This Is For Shooting, This Is For Fun (Well, BOTH Are For Shooting LOL)

March 2006

31: Hey, ‘Axolotl’ Is A GREAT Word…
29: Now THESE People Know How To Throw A Protest
27: That Baba-And-Neil Relief Plan
24: And Don’t Forget My Teddy-Weddy Who’ll Protect Me From The Dark…
22: Drop Your C*cks and Grab Your Socks, Gentlemen, Time To Bend Over and Take It
20: He Hasn’t Been Blown Off This Bad Since Somebody Sneezed Over The Mirror
17: High Crimes And Misdemeanors? Hell, Somebody PLEASE Give This Man A Blowjob So We Can Impeach Him
15: Dontcha Think You’re Being A Bit Too Liberal There, Bill?
13: Didja Ever Get The Feeling The Incompetents REALLY ARE In Charge?
10: Well, It’s About F***in’ Time
06: Dang, Them Sheep Leave A Mess On A Red Carpet
03: If He Was So Engaged, Why Didn’t He Ask Any Questions?
01: The Coward-In-Chief Visits Another Country

February 2006

27: To Quote Donald Rumsfeld, ‘Hey, Stuff Happens.’ I Guess This Is What He Meant By Freedom Being Untidy…
23: Dub, Dub, Dubya, Dubaiiiiiiiii!
21: Apologies To Stephen Colbert, But Today’s Topic Is … Bears!
17: Nothing Wrong With The Way He Handled It?
15: The Big Sleazy
13: Dear Harry, What The F*** Were You Doing Getting In My Line Of Fire?
10: But Can It Slice Bread?
08: Oh When The Saints Aren’t Marching Much Of Anywhere
06: No, It’s NOT A Very Funny Cartoon Today, But It’s Not A Very Funny Situation
03: Yup, And Who’s The Pusher?
01: Pop Goes the Weasel!