An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum


January 2006

30: Yes, I Have Been Reading A Lot Of Japanese Comics Lately, Why Do You Ask?
27: Filibuster? Heck, No, I’d Prefer A Meaningless NO Vote…
25: Hey, It Worked in 2002 and 2004, Let’s Go For THREE!
23: Now, Let’s Cut The Administrative Budget And REALLY Screw Things Up…
20: Sushi, Anyone?
18: ‘No Talk About Impeachment Here’? Course Not! Nobody Got A Blowjob!
13: And If Things REALLY Get Bad, You Can Always Go On Oprah
11: Protecting His Virtue…

December 2005

16: And For Our Next Number, Deck Us All With Boston Charlie…
14: But Can She Flirt With The Clients While They’re Waiting?
12: Where appropriate, the United States seeks assurances that transferred persons will not be tortured; where it’s not appropriate, we’ll just look the other way…
09: Ahhh, Duke, You’re No Alan Ladd, Heck, You’re No Brandon de Wilde Either
07: Take Me Out To The Ball Game
05: That’s Not A Strategy, That’s A Letter To Santa
02: The Facade Is Falling, The Facade Is Falling?

November 2005

30: Debra LaFave Appreciation Issue–Get Out Your 3D Glasses!
28: Hey, OUR LEADER Said No Cameras
23: Presidential Pardons: Disney Gets The Turkeys, But Will We Get The Bird?
21: What Other Behavior Could You Expect From Someone Who Isn’t Quite Up To The Level Of Commodus?
18: Of Course We Didn’t Use It Against Civilians, Our Rules Of Engagement Said Anyone Left Alive In Fallujah Was An Insurgent…
16: Mortuit Peccatoribus Nostris
14: Hey, I’ve Got An Idea, Let’s Just Send Our Taxes Directly To the Cayman Islands So The Fatcats Get Saved The Paperwork
09: Of Course, WE Don’t Torture ANYWHERE…in the US…That’s what we have Gitmo, and Black Sites for
07: Are We Having Fun Yet?
04: Well, GEEZ, They Want Us To Walk Out Because THEY’RE Not Getting Paid Enough? We’re Not Musicians, We’re DANCErs! Ya Think They Played For Us Or Somethin’
02: You’re ALL Such Dirty Boys…Whose Girlfriend Do You Want To Be?

October 2005

31: Mischief Night At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
28: And They Told Us It Wasn’t Price Gouging, Just Market Pricing…
26: And From His Current Undisclosed Location…
19: Would YOU Want A Judge Who Thought Dubya Was The Most Brilliant Man She’d Ever Met?
17: And Before It Gets Away: ‘New Yorkers are shrugging off fears of exploding baby carriages…’
14: Despite The Fact I’ve Never Been A Judge, I’m The Most Qualified Person In The USA To Be On The Supreme Court…
10: Hey, McClellan, WE Remember Your Boss Saying He Consults With A ‘Higher Father’
07: And For Some News Of Our Favorite Sleepwalker (Laura, She’s Only A Dream ;))
05: And Now For Some News Of Our Favorite Celebutante
03: Why, Oh, Why Didn’t You Return My Calls, Scooter???

September 2005

30: But Tom, TOM, EVERY Prosecutor Knows The Old Shell Game…Just YOUR Cronies Play It As Well!
28: The REAL Reason There Isn’t More Of An Outcry To Impeach Bush
26: Jack: Do you have the slightest idea what a moral and ethical principle is? Do you?
21: I Thought Free Speech Was Only Not Allowed When Bush Was In The City…
19: Where DOES He Think The Money Is Gonna Come From?
16: Stare Decisis Is Pronounced Star-Ray Dee-Sigh-Siss In Legalese :)
14: Fred’n'Bert Decided This Deserved A Special Report–I Think They Just Wanted The Spotlight For A Change…
12: Look For The Silver Lining?
09: Hey, Brown Even Got Fired From The Arabian Horse’s Assn.
07: Mishandling The Crisis…

August 2005

31: No Laughing Matter
29: Being Homeless Is Unpatriotic–After All, You Can’t Be A Good Consumer
26: Gimme That Ol’ Time Religion…
24: Raindrops? Heck, It Hardly Ever Rains On This Parade…
22: As Far As I Can Tell, The People Who Advocate Intelligent Design Also Said Saddam Had WMDs, There’s No Such Thing As Global Warming, And Terri Schiavo Could Laugh At Jokes Without A Brain…
19: According To Our Records, Thousands Of Terrorists Have Been Prevented From Flying By Our Diligence In Using The No-Fly List
17: If I Hadn’t Known This Had Happened, I Never Would Have Found It
15: Is This REALLY About Sex? Or Is There Something Else We Don’t Know About Yet?
12: Bush Doesn’t Think It’s A Good Idea To Leave Iraq…After All, Oil Isn’t Over $100 A Barrel Yet…
10: Only SLIGHTLY Exaggerated…
08: ‘I want to assure you that he really does care.’ Just not enough to talk to you..[sgl dagger]
05: NEOCON FANTASY: BoltMan Reforms The United Nations
03: I Am The Walrus (Goo Goo G’Joob)
01: Tom Delay Plays Santa (Again) To Halliburton (Who Else)–With Apologies to Guinness and St. Patrick