An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum


July 2005

29: And Just To Show You I’m Really Bi-Partisan In My Views On Idiocy…
27: How Do You CLARIFY A Rumor You Started Yourself?
25: Are We SURE Karl Rove Is On OUR Side???
22: Daddy Was An Executive At Bethlehem Steel…:-)
18: Roving Charges In The Offing?
13: Bob Novak–Douchebag For Liberty? Or Just A Douchebag?
11: The Dancing Neville Chamberlains–It’s A Beautiful Day In This Neighborhood
08: Hey, It’s A Safer World For George Bush And Dick Cheney
06: Maybe Not Everyone IS Entitled To Their Opinion About EVERYTHING…
01: S. O. S. … S. O. S. …

June 2005

29: THEY…Fly Through The Air With The Greatest Of Ease…
27: Now Let Me Get This Straight: The People Who Opposed An Illegal War Rushed Into On False Pretenses Are Wusses Because They Opposed An Illegal War Rushed Into On False Pretenses…
24: Fred’n'Bert Just Wanted To Stretch Out And Read The Papers Today…
22: Hmmmmmm, This Seems To Have Blipped Off The Radar Really Fast
20: Back to work and catching up with the Schiavos
10: Can You Say Smoking Gun?
08: Hey, He’s A Citizen, After All
06: Today We Celebrate Something Done Right…How Much Would You Bet This Kind Of Decision WOULDN’T Be Made If The Ten Commandments Were Declared The Basis Of Our Government?
03: If You Don’t Think ‘Gulag’ Is An Appropriate Term To Apply To This Kind Of Interrogation Technique, There’s A Domme Who Needs A Credit Card Slave Who’d Be Just PERFECT For You!
01: None Of The Locals Rags But The Times-Leader Would Touch The Story…So Much For The Liberal Media Junta

May 2005

27: We Went To The Unnamed Detainee Who Allegedly Alleged The Allegations And Take Our Word For It, He Said It Didn’t Happen…RIGHT!
25: The Price Of Liberty Is Eternal Vigilance
23: ‘This is how liberty dies: with thundering applause.’
20: Well, It’s About Time! You Rock, George Galloway!
18: I Hear The Best Place To Go Cruisin’ Has Always Been A Republican Gathering…
16: Ever Get The Feeling This Wasn’t Really A Good Idea In The First Place?
06: So, The London Times Prints The Memo That Tells That Bush And Blair Cooked The Intelligence On Iraq, And What’s Everyone Upset About? Whether Paula Abdul Shtupped One Of The Contestants On AMERICAN IDOL!
04: Gee, I Can’t Even IMAGINE Why Any Girl Would Want To Run Away And Hide On What Was Going To Be The MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF HER ENTIRE EXISTENCE
02: America the Petrified

April 2005

29: After All, This Is A Culture Of LIFE
27: Watch Out, Mr. Senator, You’ve Just Made The Enemies List, Again…
25: At $55 Bucks A Barrel, Who Needs More Incentive? Hell, Even Oil Sands Are Worth Exploiting!
22: And By People Of Faith, Bill Frist Meant Republican Fundamentalists Who Believe Dubya Has A Hotline To God…
18: How Come We’re Working So Hard Bring Democracy To Iraq, While We’re Working So Hard To Bring Dictatorship To The US?
15: What I MEANT To Say Was Naughty, Naughty, No Dessert For YOU Tonight
13: Hey, Just Because He Falsified The Data Doesn’t Mean His Conclusions Were Wrong…
11: OK Kiddies, How Many Of You Will Join The Rebel Alliance If The Senate Becomes Corrupt?
08: This Poor Shnook Just Can’t Win For Losing, Can He?
06: And Apologies To Francisco Franco, Who Is Also Still Dead
04: Sleep peacefully, dad, you and mom are together again

March 2005

28: The Real Reason Tort Limits Are A BAD IDEA
25: Godfrey Daniel! We’ll Make Them Teach Creationism Yet!
21: Time to Make Out Your Living Wills, Peeps…
17: Heck if I were Kofi, I’d be insulted just from Bolton’s ridiculous hairstyle…
14: While We’re At It, Let’s Reinstate Debtor’s Prison…Oh, Guess What–This Means We Don’t HAVE To…
10: Only The 800 Pound Gorilla No One Will Talk About
08: Well, Duuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh!…
07: Just Feed Him After Midnight And Give Him All The Water He Can Drink
04: Whatever Reality Alterant Alan Greenspan’s Been On, I WANT SOME!
03: Stiffer? These Fines Are So Stiff, Congress Must’ve OD’d On Viagra!
01: Help, I’ve Been Locked In The Studio By A Couple Of Manic Tree Rats!