An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum


February 2005

28: A Not-So-Innocent Abroad
22: YEAH, It Was Those CHEEZEE Parts We Bought–Somebody Run Down To Rat Shack And Pick Up Some Decent Switches, Huh?
18: Making Sure To Fleece The Seniors Who WON’T Be Fleeced By Social Security ‘REFORM’
15: SEE Civil Liberties Destroyed, SEE Rights Of Citizens Trampled Upon, SEE Naked Girls Given To Fatcats For Perverse Pleasures!
14: Ethics, Shmethics, You Acted Like He Was A Democrat Or Something
11: If Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert Was Involved In The Outing Of CIA Agent Valerie Plame, Would This Make Him A Plaming Asshole?
10: Weasels Ripped My Web Page
08: What, You Don’t Mean You Thought I’d Reduce The DOLLAR Amount Of The Deficit By Half?
07: And Now, A Word About Oral Hygiene…
04: ‘Think We’re Getting Stiffied?’ Department…
03: Fred And Bert Have The Night Off So We May Bring You The Following Paid Advertisement–Ooops, I Mean, News Release From Our Emperor
01: If A Ballplayer Made As Many Errors Of Judgment As This Administration, He’d've Been Sent Down To The Minors Ages Ago…

January 2005

31: Not To Worry, It’d Just Be Like Holding An Election Without The Blue States
28: Too Good Not To Be True Dept.
27: Queer Eye For The Sponge Guy?
24: It Took Two To Replace You…And No One’s Ever Matched Up
21: Overheard At The ‘NATION AT WAR GALA’
18: Let’s All Celebrate Sticking It To The American People By, You Guessed It, The American People!
18: Just close your eyes and clasp your hands together, George, and say ‘I DON’T believe in global warming…’
14: Man, If Cheerleaders Do That Six To Eight Times A Year, I GOTTA Start Going To Some Games
13: Oh, Yeah, Those WMDs? We Stopped Looking For Them A Couple Of Months Ago…
11: Awww, Just Wait Till They Need A Ratings Bump…
10: Well, Frankly, We Just Don’t FEEL Like Following The Geneva Conventions
07: If This Was A Football Game, The Vote In Ohio Would Have Justified A Replay…
06: Hey, If You Won Fair and Square, Wouldn’t A Recount Just Confound Your Critics and Prove It?
04: I Mean, Like This Was One Wave I Was Not Supposed To Be On, Dude…
03: ANNNNNNNNND We’re BACK! Ringing In The New Year!

December 2004

17: And A Sated Saturnalia To All–There That Oughta Offend EVERYBODY
16: Since When Do You Have To Apologize To A President Like A Potentate?
14: Smile, You’ll ALWAYS Be On Camera
13: Handcuffs On A Little Girl? Hhhhmmmm, Something Tells Me SOMEONE Was A Little Overheated
10: Damn, I Wonder If That Flaxseed Oil Would Work On My…Errr Never Mind…
09: Hey, With A Mandate Like This One, Why Brook Any Opposition?
07: Aaaahhhh, getting boomed at the boom ball game…at least Artest now has time to become a CD artist (ahem)
03: And On AOL, They’d Call It 12 Inches…

November 2004

30: Would They Have Gotten As Upset If He Was A White Guy Dept.
29: The Lone Stranger Rides The Wrong Way Again
23: I AM…Tomdelayo…
22: Anti-Choice Lobby Pressures Specter Into Bush Judicial Nominee Support Pledge
18: Oops, Excuse Me, Mistress Condoleezza, Ma’am
16: Marshmallows, Anyone?
15: I’ve Got A Right To Impose My Morality On Anyone I Choose.
12: Alberto Gonzales: The Geneva Conventions Are Just SOOoooooo Quaint….
09: Reaching Out To All Who ALREADY Share His Goals.
08: O Canada!
05: Lame Duck, My Favorite Vegetable….
04: Land Of The UnFree.
02: I Should’ve Said OHIO
01: Boy, Is Linus Ever Confused?