An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum


October 2004

29: Pb-Pb-Pb-Zzzzzzzzzz!
28: No Joy in Bronxville…
26: It Wasn’t That He Was Flying Too Close To The President, He Was Wearing An Anti-Bush T-shirt
25: Lemmings…
22: Pssssstttt, Flu Shots, Hot Flu Shots…
21: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes …
19: The Official Bill O’Reilly Pocket Rocket … Only $19.95!
18: Always Keep Your Kleenex And Wet Ones Handy…
15: Lynndie’s Baby
14: It Was A Scandal When They Did It On Game Shows In The 50s, Now Nobody Seems To Care…
12: OK, I Admit It, I’m Overeducated
08: Self-Defense…OUR Way
07: Marquis Of Queensbury Rules, Gentlemen
04: Oh, Baby, Baby, It’s A WEIRD World!
01: I Hate Little Dogs…

September 2004

30: The Boogeyman’ll Getcha!
28: Ensuring That Bush Looks As Tall As Kerry
27: Making Up The Facts To Fit The Spin–The New Objectivity
24: Lord of the Lies
22: A Kinder, Gentler Bigotry
21: Not ONLY Will They Ban Bibles, They’ll Make You Kiss Copies of Darwin!
20: A Bleak, errrr, Blake Vision
13: Mice?
10: Sorry, I Can’t Show Up, I’ve Got (SNIFFFFFFFF) Sinus Problems…
09: Economy Rolling Over The Backs Of the Middle Class…And Anyone Underneath…
07: Am I The ONLY One Who Sees The Resemblance?
03: And A Wordless Chorus Going ‘Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…’
02: In Case You Can’t See It, Use 3D Glasses and Cover the Blue Eye…

August 2004

31: Oooka-Oooka-Oooka!
30: Hurricanes and Protests
27: Anarchists? I Thought They Disappeared Back With The Wobblies!
26: Mr. Burns Would Be Proud!
24: Weasel, Weasel, Weasel, Watch That Doggie Weasel, RAWHIDE!
23: Edward? Ted? Hey, The Guy’s Using An Alias, He Must Be A Dangerous ANARCHIST!
20: Hey, Double D’s Will Be Important If She Takes Up Exotic Dancing After Her Tour Of Duty Is Up
19: So Many Who Served With Kerry And Not One Who Can Remember Bush From Alabama
17: Where Never Is Heard A Discouraging Word…
16: Republicans…Fiscal Conservatives With THEIR Money…
13: Follow the Oil Slick Road…
12: Sleep Well, Beauty
10: Our Kinda People
09: Our Innovative And Resourceful Offenders
06: That’s The Problem, Them I-raquis Just Couldn’t Take a Joke
05: Saint George Bush, Save Us From Our Paranoid Fantasies
03: Turning The City Into Disney’s NEW YORK LAND For The Convention

July 2004

30: You Can Get Em On Ebay Even Cheaper
29: This Is A Designated Free Speech Zone–Bush Will Never Come Within A Mile Of This Page
27: Ralph Will Get Support From Both Sides, Votes From Democrats, Money and Signatures From Republicans
26: I Love Blacks, Some Of My Best Sycophants Are Non-White
23: The Offenderator
22: I KNEW There Was A Good Reason I Didn’t Join A Frat
20: The Coalition Of The Blackmailed
19: Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry Karl
16: Cheney’s In Great Shape For A Cyborg…
15: Casey Jones Stayed The Course, Too
13: Ever Notice How Georgie Always Throws A Tantrum When Someone Asks Him A Question He’d Sooner Forget?
08: Slouching From Baghdad…
06: Ahhhh, If Only They Were Coming To Take Him Away, Haha Hoho Hehe!