An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum


June 2004

30: Republican Primer–Saying F*** You in Public
17: Just Shut Up And Look Like a Prune, I Mean, Like A Good Widow
16: Is It Real Or Is It Memorex? We’ll Know In A Few Months…
15: Lots Of People Died For An ‘Honest’ Mistake, Colin, It Must’ve Been A WHOPPER!
14: Where’s Harriet Beecher Stowe When You Need Her? (OR: Way Down On The Potomac River!)
11: There’s A BIG Difference Between Popular And Good (And an even BIGGER one between Good and GREAT)
10: Ashcroft Needs A Followup At The House Of Pain–For HIMSELF
09: HAHAHA, F***ing Grandma Millie Up The Ass, Boy, You’re A Card!
08: Homeland Security–A Bureaucracy That Has Problems Doing Nothing
07: Ah Got The Football, It’s MAH Football, Nobody Gun Take It Away From ME!
04: Honoring The Man Whose Incompetence Fulfilled The Dream Of Neocons Everywhere
03: We’ll Be Paying For His Crimes For Decades To Come
02: Good News, Bad News
01: The Trophies … From Somebody ELSE’S Fighting

May 2004

28: And The Dirty Sidewinder Is On Top Of It
27: Chicken Hawk Teeter Totter
26: Kicking Sanchez Upstairs…
25: Accentuate The Positive
24: They Say Condi’s The Only One Who Knows How To Soothe Him, I Mean, Calm Him Down
21: Get With The Program, Iraq, You’re On Our Election Timetable
20: Hmmm, Hadn’t We Given Saddam Our Approval For Invading Kuwait?
19: And…They’re KOSHER!
18: Hmmm, I Wonder If Colin Recites Bobbie Burns By The Fireside
17: I Just Can’t Wait To See The New Features In Modern Bride
14: Maybe This Ad WASN’T Such A Hottie Idea
13: Lights, Camera, ACTION! Come On, People, I WANT SCREAMS!
12: It’s Ali-ive… ALI-IVE!
11: One Man’s Torture Is Another Man’s YES, I’ll Pay $500 For It And More If You Grind Your Heels On My Balls
10: Ja, Dolf, People Might Get Upset About SS Interrogations For A Bit, But It Vill All Blow Over After Ve Vin Shtalingrad
05: Brought To You From The State That Elected George Bush Governor
04: Free To Speak In Support Of OUR LEADER, Free To Join Any Christian Church, Free To Want As Much As You Can Grab, Free To Fear Terrorists In The Woodshed
03: ‘Don’t Worry Your Pretty Little Head About Those Quaint Geneva Conventions,’ Gonzales Advised Bush…

April 2004

30: Bonnie Rottweiler, errr I mean, Bonnie Rockwaller Has Nothing To Fear
28: Pacifying Fallujah, Bush-Style
26: You Can Tell A Lot About A Dictatorship By What It Censors
23: Voter Fraud ON TV??? OH HORRORS! Call The Feds! Call Out The National Guard!
22: Beulah, Peel Me A Grape
21: I Always Thought The Saying Was ‘You Break It, You Take It’
20: And Please Bring Mental Clarity And Health To Our Commander-In-Chief, CUZ HE SURE AS HELL AIN’T GOT ‘EM NOW
19: And After Din-Din, Georgie Gonna Take You WALKIES!
16: The Dance Of The CEOs: ‘Ereway Innay Ethay OneyMay!’
15: Ashcrack On Asscroft
14: Apologies To Fishers And Anglers EVERYWHERE
13: The REAL Meaning of Easter — Glassport PA, 4/3/04 … YES, yes, Do it AGAIN!
09: And Ah Saw Condoleezza Standin’ Lahk A STONE WALL
08: I’m Sorry, That Line Is Temporarily Unwritten
07: Can You Hear Me Now?
06: Standing On Unsolid Grounds
05: He Has Dyslexia, If He Didn’t Keep Repeating 9/11, He Might Forget And Say 11/9 (Or 11/07/00 ;) )
02: We Will Bring Freedom To Iraq No Matter How Many Iraqis We Must Kill
01: Responsibility? Huh? Whuzzat?